Monday, November 2, 2020

Fall Thanksgiving Halloween Repurposed Upcycled DIY Tree


Fall Thanksgiving Halloween Repurposed Upcycled DIY Tree at LilacsNDreams.

Welcome everyone, and Happy Monday! So, how did your weekend go? Did everyone survive with all the festivities, trick or treating, etc? We had a blast here! Daughter, and grand daughter came for the night. We grilled early, and were ready for the trick or treating our town had. In the morning the kids were split in half alphabetically, and made their rounds in the downtown area. That night they started door to door trick or treating about 5:30 pm, and went till about 7:30 pm. Our house does not sit on a popular street, and it sits back that the garage blocks it 1 way. So, naturally we had all the lights on we could to show our presence. Watched a lot of kids, adults, parents, and had fun! We had a scarecrow, a spider, and a ghost that were all motion activated. 

Scarecrow sat, held the candy bowl, and when you grabbed candy his head shot up with him moaning. The spider was kind of loud, and when you walked by he jumped out towards you. Quite a few liked the spider, played with him, and 1 person videotaped it being activated. Of course the ghost did his moaning, and groaning, and spoke a little. Most of the kids enjoyed it, and a few of the smaller ones that were intimidated we accompanied them by bringing a candy bowl down the stairs to them. We all sat on the porch talking, laughing, helping the kids out, and watching all the great costumes too!

Ok, this is my plunger tree I made which is quite seasonal to use. This is made from a plunger, bundled fall leaves, few loose leaves, brown burlap wrap for the tree trunk, and the base was filled with styrofoam to hold the tree base in place. Around that is some green moss, pumpkin, owl, mini scarecrow, few loose leaves. I did this for Halloween, am using it for Fall, and Thanksgiving too. Most of the supplies I got from the Dollar Tree, and a couple of items from Walmart. Done very inexpensively. 

I’m excited for Christmas because I will be making about the same using red, and white poinsettias for the top. I have to decide between 3 colored ribbons I chose to wrap the trunk in. 

Close up around the base a little.

With this last picture I turned most lights off to show the little glow it gives...better in person really.

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Enjoy the day, and be safe. Till the next time . . . Toodles!