Monday, December 21, 2020

Christmas Cane Elf Ladder Pointsettia Tree Handmade


Christmas Cane Elf Ladder Poinsettia Tree Handmade by LilacsNDreams. Welcome to Everyone! Glad you could drop by.

I Love Christmas, and really enjoy repurposing, restyling, upcycling, and handmade items with christmas decor too. I have often thought about making up as many things as I could for christmas decor, and offer it for sale all year long. After doing some minor research it can, and is being done too. Something to think about, and consider. If I would keep enough inventory of christmas supplies on hand I could spend the summer painting, gluing, and making a lot of things to offer. You know Christmas in July, and for the rest of the year. I really like the thoughts for this. We’ll see what I do.

OK, my 2 projects I have been working with are not fully done. I have a good start, but need to complete them with some other items added into the decor. Bows, Christmas items like pinecones, finishing ribbon around the trunk, adding a base, and just some different things to dress them more. 

These 3 pictures show 1 of my projects I’m working on. For this I have used 3 plastic candy canes to make this ladder. The 3rd candy I had cut to make 3 steps for the ladder. I am finally using a glue gun to help with a more quicker way of connecting things. Once things have bonded I then will add a little E6000 in different places to achieve a more sufficient bonding that will hold. As you can see I’ve added 2 little elves to this sitting on the ladder steps. I intend to add a little more christmas embellishments before I consider this completed. Fun!

These 2 pictures show my Christmas Poinsettia Tree I am making. I have added red, and white poinsettias to the top of a plunger making the tree top. This will sit, and bond over night. Tomorrow I will then arrange the poinsettias more making a fuller tree top. I then want to add some small glittered pine cones into the tree top. I’m thinking of using some green glittered ribbon for the tree trunk base, or silver glitter ribbon, or plain green ribbon. I’ll play with it a bit, and decide then. I have a red cardinal that will be added with this tree along with a silver christmas tree bucket for the base. The bucket will be filled with support for the the plunger to stand, and then I’ll cover that with some white snow filler. Of course I will be adding some christmas embellishments around the base, and so on. I will make sure to share with you pictures of the completed projects. 

This week is Christmas! Is everyone ready for this? Any special plans, gatherings, family, places to go, plans of how you will spend the day, and so on? I know this pandemic has put a curve to a lot of things. For us we have our son, and our daughter with her family joining us. Everyone’s health is great, and this is family time we do every year. This is 1 close to normal thing we will be doing together as a family. 

I want to thank you all for visiting with LilacsNDreams! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year too! Take care, be safe, and see you again soon. Toodles . . . 

                                                        MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!

Monday, December 14, 2020

Kitchen Splatter Screen Snowman Repurposed Handcrafted DIY


Kitchen Splatter Screen Snowman Repurposed Handcrafted DIY with LilacsNDreams. 

Welcome Everyone! Holidays, Christmas, meal planning, decorations, planning activities and gatherings, crafting, and so many things to do for the big day. Also, right after that is the end of the year celebrations too! How you doing with all of this? 

This year is different just like the rest of the year has been. We are fully decorated here inside, and out. We are making preparations for the meal to be served. Gonna be kind of big this year with lots of food to serve everyone. One thing that will be different is the gift giving. I do not plan on wrapping any gifts this year. Everyone has been getting things delivered as I put it together what they are to receive. Our biggest thing is being with family, and friends celebrating the day with all kinds of food, sharing laughs, remembering times and those not with us, and so on.

Without flash

With flash

As for crafting I have accumulated things to do to start with. This particular project pictured above was something I have completed...almost. I think I’m going to add a scarf, or maybe some mitten hands. I have to decide that yet. I made this piece from a Dollar Tree splatter guard. I added a white shelf liner to make the face white. I used a pink talis like material making the pink cheeks, and I used black buttons for the eyes and mouth. For the nose I did not remove the handle on the spring protector, but did paint it orange for the snowman nose. I’ve added a child’s black stocking cap to fit. Issue I am dealing with on the hat is I put the eyes to high. They should have been a little lower towards the nose which is making the hat hard to position for a descent look. 

I have sooo many more christmas crafts I intend to complete. I have been stocking with supplies I want to use, and my piles are accumulating too. Probably not all of it will be completed by Christmas time which is fine. I hate rushing things, and prefer to take the time to craft. I hope to be offering pieces for sale after I complete a few of them. I will share pictures as I complete some of these things. 

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Till the next time have fun, enjoy this time of year, and be safe everyone! Toodles!

Monday, December 7, 2020

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays Holiday Fun Collectibles Crafting Handmade


Hello everyone! Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Holiday Fun!
Sorry I’ve been absent from here. I can say I thought of this place, and everyone visiting often. Some nights I had good intentions of stopping by here, and putting some kind of post here to say Hi, I was still around, etc. Then, I would fall asleep thinking about it. Don’t worry, I got scolded a lot from ME for letting it happen.

Above you will see some pictures from outside the home, and a few inside the home with Christmas decorations that have been done so far. Since most of the big stuff is done I hope to get started with pieces I have collected for some craft projects. Nothing difficult, or fancy, but should be fun.

 I so Love Christmas, and enjoy everything I can do involving this holiday. Got another tube of glue, got a new cordless glue gun, some glue sticks, I need to go pick out some acrylic paint to use, get some sponges, and couple of brushes for me to have some fun. I hope I can do all I intend to do. I have enough things to keep me busy for a while. I’m excited, and hope everything comes out well. Yes, I will share all I can with you too.

I so hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving with everything you did. Different kind of year, and we’re all making the best of things that we can. I hope 2020 will end on a descent note with the Christmas season helping this too.

Thanks for visiting LilacsNDreams! See you all again soon. Be safe, and take care till the next time we can gather to converse. Toodles . . . .