Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentines Day is February 14 What Will You Be Doing

Valentines Day is February 14, What Will You Be Doing on this festive day? Valentines Day is on a Thursday this year. Time is coming fast, and is actually here in about 2 weeks. So, do you have any big plans for this day? Any celebrations that you will be attending? Are you running some online sales with your shops for this day?

This day is fast approaching for those who also do online sales, and offer such treasures to many in search of things red, with hearts, something personable, vintage collectibles, handmade, repurposed, and just all sorts of things being offered for this Holiday of Love. Besides the traditional colors of red people also like to have things in soft pastel colors of maybe pink, lilacs, and blue. Sometimes the same is with bolder colors too. 

On this particular Holiday of Love I shall be in South Carolina attending our son's graduation from his Army Basic Training. It is a choice he has made to join with the army, he is liking it and happy with his choice, and he is proud of what he is doing. This is one time in many years that my husband, and I shall be traveling together for an event. 

There are some who also do not do much for this particular day. Just another day which is nothing wrong with that. Whatever it is you are doing, attending, or for sales I hope you are all prepared and ready for it. Kind of nice to have a break with some of these smaller holidays too, Don't you think? 

Thanks for stopping by to share your time with LilacsNDreams everyone. Hope to see you all again soon. Till the next time . . . . 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Stop Using Internet Explorer and Find a New Browser

Stop Using Internet Explorer, and find a New Browser! Trust Me everyone as I share this.

Believe Me when I say if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser you really need to reconsider things with this everyone. Why you ask? I have been reading about issues of many who are having problems with uploading pictures on their blogs, and other places. Some are having problems with responding to blogs, and to other places on the internet as well too. 

I have seen many who have been complaining about uploading images to their blogs, and the option to upload from their computer is no longer there. Many times when they have been asked if they were using Internet Explorer, guess what the majority vote has been? You got it, they are using Internet Explorer! 

I know it has been said before, and many times it has been mentioned by others as well too. But, if you would like your blog to function at it's best, if you would like to see all the pretty things on blogs the way they should be, if you would not like to have problems all the time....quit using Internet Explorer. 

As some know Internet Explorer just has not been keeping up with all the changes that are happening on the internet all the time. It has been buggy, and slow as well. I know it comes with all the PC's, and people will just use the browser that came with their computers because it is easier. That is understandable, and I too use to be like that. You need to know that you don't have to, and there are other choices out there that can be used with much more success reported by many people. 

The question you are asking I am sure is what should you use then? From reading, watching what others comment on, and from experience I would strongly recommend using Fire Fox, or Google Chrome. Both are excellent choices, and it is your preference to which you choose. Blogger does recommend the use of both of them being a compatible browser. Yes, there is Safari that is used by some as well. I know of others who have had some issues with this browser too. So, I would still recommend using Fire Fox, or Google Chrome. 

Trust me that once you start using a new browser not only for your blogs, but for other places with the internet you will never look back. They run faster, and they are much more user friendly too. I have also seen those that are Mac Book users comment how they have switched to Fire Fox, and also use Google Chrome. They felt it was the best decision that they had made to switch their browser. 

Believe me, I am no expert when it comes to computers. I have had to learn many things myself by trial, and error. Many times researching, and learning from others has been good for me too. When my old computer went down a few years ago, and we got the new one I switched my browser right away to Fire Fox, and have never regretted it either. Please know that when I share this with you all it is because of what I have learned from time, and also from what others have reported as well. 

Hope this finds all of you doing well, you had a good weekend, and that you will also find this to be helpful with your computer tasks as well. Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. Hope to see you all again soon. Till the next time my friends.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Its Friday and Here the Weekend Starts

It's Friday, and Here the Weekend Starts!

Got up a bit earlier than intended to this morning. Remember, I have been home with that awful stuff, and sure don't want to get it again. So, been staying home, too cold outside, and keeping to myself past couple of weeks. Now that I am feeling better I would like to keep it like that as I have heard of some getting this nasty stuff again. 

So, anyway, I stopped by to post quickly and wish you all a super duper weekend! May you have fun, enjoy, accomplish all you want, and be safe too. Thanks for stopping by, and sharing your time at LilacsNDreams. Always good to see you, and hope to see you again soon. Take care till next time.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paypal Policies Issues With Returns For No Return Policies

Paypal Policies, and Issues With Returns

There is much talk about this issue that many have experienced with Paypal, and of course that sell with Ebay. There are also many people due to issues of Paypal policies, returns, holding monies, and etc will not offer Paypal. Instead of offering Paypal on their websites they choose to maybe offer Google Wallet, accept credit cards through processors they have set up, and etc. 

This gets frustrating with using Paypal, and is very upsetting to many sellers who accept Paypal, and maybe that Paypal is their only payment processor they can accept too. 

You will hear many comment about the issues of Paypal Policies are conflicting with our own return policies that they have with selling at Ebay. Many buyers will unfortunately abuse this issue, and take advantage of it as well. Many times you will see sellers complaining about how Paypal ignores their return policies that they enforce within their own shops, and with what they sell. Most common claims filed with Paypal are for items not received, item was damaged, item not as described, and etc. The buyer is to return the item to the seller so that they can be refunded their monies. Doesn't matter if you have a No Return Policy noted in your auctions, or sales. Paypal will still refund the money to the buyer.  Many many times the sellers are not receiving the items back, but yet between the buyer and the postal service they are showing it was sent/returned. Buyers return because they did not read fully, and the item is not what they were wanting. So, if and when a seller gets it back there is a great chance that the item is either damaged, or was not received back. 

Unfortunately, with these kind of things happening the sellers have lost quite a bit with this issue. Monies being removed from their Paypal accounts, and if you don't have enough money there they will go to your banking accounts on file to get the money. Without investigating further they take the buyers word over the sellers word. Just so many stories, and issues that could be shared with all of this it is amazing.

So, what are some of the better ways to work with this issue, and to help discourage buyers from doing this? Evidentally having a No Return policy is not good enough. Not to discourage as there are still precautions you can do to help fight against this issue. 

Make sure to describe your items well, describe them in full, note any and all defects with several photos of all sides of the item, etc. Some enclose flyers in the package which describe the return policy, and what they need to do if there is a problem. Make sure to add your email with this to be contacted at, phone number if applicable for contact, etc. The importance of all of this is that you want the buyer to contact you first instead of running to Paypal right away. If they contact you first then maybe arrangements, and agreements can be reached that you both are happy with. 

I agree there are some categories that returns are really truly not acceptable for an item. If it is realistic for your category take a return. Make sure that you have it clearly worded with your policies that "Buyers will pay all shipping" So you only refund the purchase price of an item returned. I had checked with the postal service a while back inquiring about insurance with them, and if there was damages. I asked them if the shipping would be refunded, and they said that the shipping is Not Refunded. The price of the item that is insured is refunded which the insurance was bought for. 

I know it gets confusing, and very frustrating many times. I am happy to say I have not had to deal with these issues as of yet. It looks like I am writing a book many times, but I try to include everything within my listings, and you will also see how I repeat myself again within store policies that I have posted too. I am bringing this issue up for discussion as I see it as an ongoing issue for many who have experienced it, have dealt with it, and have shared their experiences. 

I don't claim to have all the answers to this particular issue. I did want to share some things I have read to try to avoid some of this, and hope that maybe it will help some of you as you tend to your online sales. 

Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams, and know that I do appreciate it very much. Nice seeing you all, and hope to see you again soon. Take care till the next time everyone.   

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Postage Rate Increases For 2013 On January 27

New Postage Rates for 2013 Start January 27, 2013. 

New year, and always changes that come along with it as well. The Post Office has recently switched from doing large postage increases every 4 years to a smaller increase each year to keep up with costs, and industry fluctuations. So, since that change is coming fast for many of us on Sunday I thought I would give you all a reminder of this, and what I was able to put together to assist you with as well.

Forever Stamps, the ones that remain good despite future postal rate increases, will increase to 46 cents. (Hint) Purchase a bunch of 45 cent Forever Stamps now. 

Here is a rundown of some of the price increases:

• First Class Mail, one ounce will be 46 cents
• First Class Mail Post Card 33 cents
• Stamped Post Cards 37 cents
• Electronic Return Receipt $1.25
• Certificate of Mailing $1.20

New Domestic Retail Pricing for Priority Mail Flat Rate Products:

• Small Box $5.80
• Medium Box $12.35
• Large Box $16.85
• Large APO/FPO Box $14.85
• Regular Envelope $5.60
• Large Envelope $5.75
• Padded Envelope $5.95

Other changes will be including a First Class Mail Global Forever Stamp that will allow customers to mail letters that are up to 2 ounces to Canada, and up to 1 ounce anywhere else in the world for a set price of  $1.10.  

A complete list of prices with some additional information can be found here. When visiting there I found that opening the CVS files were readable. I wish the post office would give us better charts, and prices prior to these changes so that we ourselves could better prepare with our online businesses. Unfortunately, until they go into effect fully it is almost like mystery, and so very hard to find. 

Hope this finds everyone adjusting with the changes, and preparing your listings that you have online for selling as well too. I haven't started yet, but hope to be working on all my listings in the next few days making the adjustments. If something would sell before the prices go into effect I would naturally reimburse the difference to the customer as I have always done. 

Thanks for sharing your time at LilacsNDreams today, and hope to see you again soon. Take care till the next time everyone. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Different Kinds of Content to Consider for Social Media Marketing

 Different Kinds of Content to Consider for Social Media Marketing. 

Hello, and Welcome back to LilacsNDreams everyone! So very happy to see you, and it feels good to be working on a scheduled routine again. Today I am going to briefly discuss some different kinds of content that can be considered for your social media marketing. New year, first month almost gone, but some of us have set small goals for ourselves to work with, and hopefully accomplish too. Mine is to work with my Blog more, and hopefully my Website as well. 

I know many times it is mentioned that the content should be short, sweet, and effective. We are being told to get our messages out quickly before our viewers decide to click away shortly into reading. 

• Snack Sized Blog Posts
1) A good headline
2) Catching Introduction
3) Use tempting sub-titles
4) Use short paragraphs

It has been suggested to not confront your readers with a "wall of text". Many people will scan a blog post for ideas that can add to their lives, and their business. Don't bury the information being shared on a page of "busyness". Remember that less is sometimes more. Now, this doesn't mean to not write the long form, but it is suggesting to write the text into bite size chunks. 

I am guilty of writing long posts, and know this. I often wish I would make them shorter, but I sometimes have so much to say or share. When I explain things I like to give details that people can relate to. Anyway, I am working on being shorter. It's a working progress. 

• Infographic
Text mixed with graphics will sometimes communicate brand messages in seconds. 
1) Make it easy for people to include things with their blogs, or websites. Sometimes providing a code will help with this. Providing share buttons of sorts can also help greatly too. 
2) These can be embedded into your own blog posts
3) Post to your other sharing platforms too

• Small Videos
This is something that has become quite popular, and has been suggested for a while to maybe consider putting into your blogs, websites, or where you are allowed to use them. Make them short, simple, sweet. You can show a little bit of action with it. Example would be doing a do it yourself project. Make sure the content is relevant, and consider using testimonials too. Also, sometimes these short clips can be used as a teaser that people will consider visiting for more information. 

• Photos and Images
This is the highest shared media with social media marketing. It is engagement first, and selling second. The power of images is used for selling products online, and sharing your brand too. When using images make sure to have them clean, clear, and eye appealing. If they are small, and fuzzy they are not appealing, and people will not be interested to read further too. 

• Quotes
Yes, using quotes is something to also consider implementing into your blog posts, on your websites, and etc. An inspiring, or humorous quote can help people start or finish their day with a smile on their face. 

I hope that you find this little bit of information helpful for creating some content that your viewers would like to read, view, and share with others too. 

I want to take this time to Thank ALL of you for your patience during my time off absence I have had from blogging. It's 2013, a New Year, 1st month almost done, and I vote that we make the best of this new year that we can!

Thanks again for visiting, and sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. Take care, and see you again soon!:)