Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paypal Policies Issues With Returns For No Return Policies

Paypal Policies, and Issues With Returns

There is much talk about this issue that many have experienced with Paypal, and of course that sell with Ebay. There are also many people due to issues of Paypal policies, returns, holding monies, and etc will not offer Paypal. Instead of offering Paypal on their websites they choose to maybe offer Google Wallet, accept credit cards through processors they have set up, and etc. 

This gets frustrating with using Paypal, and is very upsetting to many sellers who accept Paypal, and maybe that Paypal is their only payment processor they can accept too. 

You will hear many comment about the issues of Paypal Policies are conflicting with our own return policies that they have with selling at Ebay. Many buyers will unfortunately abuse this issue, and take advantage of it as well. Many times you will see sellers complaining about how Paypal ignores their return policies that they enforce within their own shops, and with what they sell. Most common claims filed with Paypal are for items not received, item was damaged, item not as described, and etc. The buyer is to return the item to the seller so that they can be refunded their monies. Doesn't matter if you have a No Return Policy noted in your auctions, or sales. Paypal will still refund the money to the buyer.  Many many times the sellers are not receiving the items back, but yet between the buyer and the postal service they are showing it was sent/returned. Buyers return because they did not read fully, and the item is not what they were wanting. So, if and when a seller gets it back there is a great chance that the item is either damaged, or was not received back. 

Unfortunately, with these kind of things happening the sellers have lost quite a bit with this issue. Monies being removed from their Paypal accounts, and if you don't have enough money there they will go to your banking accounts on file to get the money. Without investigating further they take the buyers word over the sellers word. Just so many stories, and issues that could be shared with all of this it is amazing.

So, what are some of the better ways to work with this issue, and to help discourage buyers from doing this? Evidentally having a No Return policy is not good enough. Not to discourage as there are still precautions you can do to help fight against this issue. 

Make sure to describe your items well, describe them in full, note any and all defects with several photos of all sides of the item, etc. Some enclose flyers in the package which describe the return policy, and what they need to do if there is a problem. Make sure to add your email with this to be contacted at, phone number if applicable for contact, etc. The importance of all of this is that you want the buyer to contact you first instead of running to Paypal right away. If they contact you first then maybe arrangements, and agreements can be reached that you both are happy with. 

I agree there are some categories that returns are really truly not acceptable for an item. If it is realistic for your category take a return. Make sure that you have it clearly worded with your policies that "Buyers will pay all shipping" So you only refund the purchase price of an item returned. I had checked with the postal service a while back inquiring about insurance with them, and if there was damages. I asked them if the shipping would be refunded, and they said that the shipping is Not Refunded. The price of the item that is insured is refunded which the insurance was bought for. 

I know it gets confusing, and very frustrating many times. I am happy to say I have not had to deal with these issues as of yet. It looks like I am writing a book many times, but I try to include everything within my listings, and you will also see how I repeat myself again within store policies that I have posted too. I am bringing this issue up for discussion as I see it as an ongoing issue for many who have experienced it, have dealt with it, and have shared their experiences. 

I don't claim to have all the answers to this particular issue. I did want to share some things I have read to try to avoid some of this, and hope that maybe it will help some of you as you tend to your online sales. 

Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams, and know that I do appreciate it very much. Nice seeing you all, and hope to see you again soon. Take care till the next time everyone.   

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