Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentines Day is February 14 What Will You Be Doing

Valentines Day is February 14, What Will You Be Doing on this festive day? Valentines Day is on a Thursday this year. Time is coming fast, and is actually here in about 2 weeks. So, do you have any big plans for this day? Any celebrations that you will be attending? Are you running some online sales with your shops for this day?

This day is fast approaching for those who also do online sales, and offer such treasures to many in search of things red, with hearts, something personable, vintage collectibles, handmade, repurposed, and just all sorts of things being offered for this Holiday of Love. Besides the traditional colors of red people also like to have things in soft pastel colors of maybe pink, lilacs, and blue. Sometimes the same is with bolder colors too. 

On this particular Holiday of Love I shall be in South Carolina attending our son's graduation from his Army Basic Training. It is a choice he has made to join with the army, he is liking it and happy with his choice, and he is proud of what he is doing. This is one time in many years that my husband, and I shall be traveling together for an event. 

There are some who also do not do much for this particular day. Just another day which is nothing wrong with that. Whatever it is you are doing, attending, or for sales I hope you are all prepared and ready for it. Kind of nice to have a break with some of these smaller holidays too, Don't you think? 

Thanks for stopping by to share your time with LilacsNDreams everyone. Hope to see you all again soon. Till the next time . . . . 

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