Monday, April 16, 2018

Winder Wonderland in NW Iowa

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Winter Wonderland in NW Iowa...woohoo!! 

First hand I want to apologize because my posting for this week will be short, and not what I truly wanted to do. I was going through some things, getting ideas of some subjects to post here for everyone, and then we had some very unexpected news. My husband's aunt who has had MS for years unexpectedly passed away. I think the news really numbed us more than anything. She didn't let it get her down, always a smile on her face with a really good sense of humor for things too. 

So, making arrangements for travel, motels, family gathering, flowers, etc etc. Communicating back, and forth we got the bigger part done. Then....NW Iowa has a weather issue which seems to be habit lately, unpredictable, and you know. Yeah, we are in the area that got hit with blizzard, high winds, snow, road closures, no travel advisory, and you got the picture. 

We are to be leaving home some time this morning...Sunday to go to Missouri to meet up with other family members, and to give our support where we can. First of all tractor is out, and Hubby is clearing out here for us to be able to get off of the property. We do have a really really big tree branch that broke from one of the trees, and is laying across the fence. Being able to get out today we will be able to see if there is any other damages to tend to. Then, once it gets cleared out here Hubby will then go down our gravel road to make sure that is cleared off for us, and others to get through. Our road likes to drift in places, and with the winds we had I am sure its drifted well in places. Luckily we are only about a mile from the highway so its not real real bad. Just the idea it is suppose to be spring, and we are still dealing with snow..urgh!!

I have some ideas noted for my next few postings. I have just had a minor delay, and again I apologize for this. Hope everyone had a great weekend, and wishing you a wonderful week! 

Thanks again for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and hope to see you all again soon. 


Monday, April 9, 2018

Buy and Sell Business, Flipper

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Working for yourself, and having your own business is something that we all wish we can do. Some of us dream about it, some of us try it, and some of us succeed with it. There are many ways to sell online which many of us choose to do for different reasons. 

Many of us do the buying, and selling. Another name to consider yourself is a Flipper. Products are popularly found with Flea Markets, Yard Sales, Auctions, Estate Sales, Thrift Stores, etc. When people first start out doing this they might still have a full time job, they might be part time, and there are some that are not working. We all start some where. Anyone can do this sort of thing. You just need access to the internet, a camera, or a smart phone. 

Many start selling online as part time with like 5 - 15 hours a week, or maybe 10- 20 hours a week. Sometimes it is done to make some extra money. Some consider it a side hustle, and it's your choice if you want to make this into more of a significant job, or income. 

Never a dull moment with this line of work, and it is not a boring job. You set your own hours, and you choose the niche that works for you. Time flexibility is what really works for many people. You shop as you choose, you get to meet different people with your searches, and sometimes make some friends along the way too. 

When you hear of American Pickers, Storage Wars, Flipping Houses, etc this is what they all do with the niche that they have chosen. Majority of the time you buy used, and you resell. Many places that you can sell at is with Ebay, Amazon, Classifieds, Etsy. You can also sell on Craigslist, Facebook, Shopify, Offer Up, Your own site, etc. Selling online you reach a larger audience. 

There are some vendors who wish to not sell online. They have lived the lifestyle of Flea Markets that they do not mess with online selling. They make money with what they do, and you in turn can make money too. It's all what you put into it. 

Some items may need TLC, or a little fix up which could just be cleaning, or maybe some light painting too. Maybe a little glue, a screw, a nail, etc. All depends on the item, and what you wish to do with it. Sell it as is, or repurpose it which has become popular with many things. Let the creative side go to work for you. 

You set a limit that you want to spend when you go shopping with Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, Auctions, Estate Sales, junking, dumpster diving, etc. Smart phones are handy to have because you can research things as you do your shopping too. Over time you will have your favorites that work for you, or that you have become comfortable with.

                                    Viking Bluenique Handkerchief Vase Hexagon Stand

                                            Vintage Blue Glass Dish Basket Home Decor

                                           Avocado Green Relish Tray Dish Glass Stand

                                           Cloche Glass Dome Cover Black White Stand

These pictures are showing some of the things that I had sold over time. I adore vintage blue glass, and a few other colors of glass too. The last 2 pictures were items I put together that I repurposed, reused, restored, and etc. The Avocado Green Dish was 2 glass pieces I partnered to make this piece. The Cloche Glass Dome Stand was some wooden pieces I glued together, painted black, glued on some old music book paper, mod podge is good to use too. There are different uses for each piece, I enjoyed the hunt for them, and I really enjoyed creating some of the pieces too.

I hope you enjoyed your visit with LilacsNDreams. Stop back anytime. You are always welcome to leave a comment, or to contact me for anything too. Hope to see you again soon.

Kim ~ Lilacs 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Happy Easter Everyone!! Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Vintage Collectibles, Repurposed, Handmade, DIY, Recycled, Reused, Restored, and etc. LOL! I have a lot of interests, and I hope that they are things that you will be interested with too. 

This has been a very long time for me, and again I apologize for this too. Without telling you a long story of everything there were circumstances with health, and some serious family issues that had kept me away from everyone. I have been very excited to get back to my site here, but also was nervous to do so as well. It has been a while, things have changed over time, my interests have grown a little from what they use to be, etc. Many times I have wanted to jump in here, and instead I would research a little bit more, read a little bit more, take some more notes, take a few more notes, read a little bit more, and you get the picture. I just want to make this right so that you have a good place to visit, maybe some day do some shopping on one of my pages, place to read about some of the same interests that you have, maybe learn a little something now and then, and of course I love to hear from everyone and have them share along with us all here too. 

Over time I was able to make sure to keep the domains I wanted to use for my pages here with my sight. If you ever get a chance with some of your extra time just google LilacsNDreams to see where I have been, and what I use to do. Better yet, just put in, and stop by here to visit, read a little, say Hi, and share some things with us too.

So, for right now you will see me a lot on my first page, my home page here. I will slowly be working with my other pages, changing, revising things a bit, etc etc. Nothing drastic, but more like updating and just making it a little bit better. I have been over thinking this really, and it's time for me to just jump in, and start doing what I know to do. I'll learn along the way, and of course have a little fun with it too. 

The other page that I will be offering with my site here is my LilacsNDreams Shoppe page. That one will be slow working as I would like to see things in order a little bit more before I jump into it. But, eventually that will be my page where I will offer items for purchasing with vintage collectibles, repurposed, handmade, DIY, Reused, Restored, etc etc.  Would be much easier shopping there then heading over to one of the market places that is used for selling, signing into them, etc etc. That is a little ways off right now, no need to dwell on it at this time. It will come together in time.

So, for now my main focus is to visit with you all here. Get on a weekly schedule of postings here for everyone to visit with, and hopefully have you share a few things too. I have some things I am working on with crafting....or actually waiting for some good weather so that I can do some painting....and will be happy to share with everyone too. 

I'm excited for the new fresh LilacsNDreams, and I hope that you will be too. I hope that everyone had a great Happy Easter, and could enjoy the day. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I will see ya'll again real soon! Take care till the next time!

Kim ~ Lilacs  

Thursday, December 21, 2017

4 more days till Christmas! WooHoo!! I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! Have fun, and enjoy the holiday season. Please be safe with all you do! Take care, and stop by anytime to visit with LilacsNDreams. Feel free to contact me, or leave a message is good too. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Welcome Back to LilacsNDreams!!

Hello and Welcome back to LilacsNDreams!! Wow! It has been a very very long time since I have visited here. I deeply apologize for the absence of about 3 1/2 years from here. Wow!! Seeing that number, it really has been a very long time. I ask everyone to bear with me as I hopefully make some changes to my blog/website to update it...once I can figure out what I am doing again. LOL...I honestly feel as though I am learning things all over again because it has been soooo long. 

Trying to make my story short, and not sharing my whole life story, but things got really hectic/scary for a while. I had become ill, and was later hospitalized a few times with meningitis. I wasn't contagious, but it sure was scarey. The recovery time is something else too! I found out the hard way it wasn't something you just shrug off, and a few days later you are cured. It really truly is a long process of healing. For quite a while I couldn't be left home alone as I had to be supervised during my recovery....sorry, I am too stubborn for that! I couldn't drive, used a walker for a bit, had to rely on others...which I am independent.  Sometimes I pushed myself too hard, and later would pay for it. 

Now, during my illness, in and out of hospitals, husband drives truck and was home 1-2 times a week to check on our home and such....within the first month+ our home had been robbed 3 times. I know, how horrid, right? We pretty much lost, cameras, tv, jewelry, food, etc. It was devastating, and a total shocker too. Being ill, trying to recover, and who could do such a thing, right? 

It took a while to recover from robberies as well. The ones who were guilty were caught eventually, but we were never able to get anything back. Without sharing details of all of this it took us a very very long time to come back from this situation. Besides getting new things....which it was really hard to shop for items lost, my husband wanted me to get a new wedding ring as well. Great, huh? Love him for it, but it was just really hard to deal with all of this. I couldn't get in the mood to do any shopping to replace things, plus I was still recovering from my illness too. 

Soooo, here I am today!! I am back, ready to work on things, clean house, get things back into order, and start doing a lil of what I was doing before all of this happened to change our lives. I finally brought a new computer home....let me tell ya. Waayyy different than using my iphone, and my ipad!! But, it's a good thing. Just I feel like I am learning things all over again....frustrating, but also fun too. Hey, at least I can laugh at myself when I make a mistake and realize what I have doneπŸ˜‰πŸ˜„ No one is watching, right? LOL!!

It's all a working progress....figuring out all my accounts, emails, passwords to things, activating some things again, etc etc. Taking a lot of notes, and it is slowly coming back to me. First things first...working with my website here, facebook, pinterest, and getting things in order. Once I am comfortable with all of that I hope to soon be back online selling things again too. A little bit of vintage, along with some DIY, repurposed, recycled, reused, and restored pieces too. 

Sooooo, that's everything that has happened from time past, and things I am projecting to work on from today and moving forward. Like I mentioned before....please, please bear with me. Stop by now, and then to visit with me/check on me. Hopefully soon you will be seeing a few changes with my blog/website as I train myself again on how to fix some of the issues, revise, and update things as time goes along. It's a working progress that I am looking forward to, am excited about, and ready to take on!!

Thanks sooooo much for visiting with me today everyone!! Was great seeing you stop by, and hope to see more of you as time goes along. You can always leave a comment, or drop me a line too. Love hearing from everyone!!

Till the next time, take care everyone! I'll be back!! LOL!😊

Friday, March 21, 2014

Taking Money to Make Money in Business

Taking Money to Make Money in Business

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Today is about that good old saying we all know only so well "It takes money to make money" 

Your business start up account can be a stressful thing when starting your business. Many of us pull from our own personal accounts to do so. In doing this we have the feel of guilt, and not to mention the worries too. You will often ask yourself if you are doing the right thing, is this business worth it, am I being selfish using this money because I am doing what I want to do, and so on. 

Often we will ask ourselves if we are plan for our futures. Many of us will answer with a yes! With this thought we have personal goals, we have dreams, and we plan ahead too. How many of us actual visualize, and focus with our business future?

There had been article with an inspiring question of "if you were given $20,000 to invest with your business, what would you do with this?" Wow! How does one start with a list of things. It would help to think long-term. It helps to have a detailed picture of what you want your business to become one day. Savings doesn't just happen for people. It comes to those with careful planning, and with some budgeting too. 

Sit down, and spend some time with the thought of what you would do with a $20,000 investment. You will find it will be a list of not only what the wants are, but what you are needing for your business to grow and expand. Once you have your list prioritize it. You know which item do you need first, second, third, and so on. 

Since income can be unpredictable you might find yourself holding back with your goal setting. In order to better help you consider "what if you had $20,000 to invest, and a guaranteed salary of maybe $50,000" That might open the doors, and clear away some fear and hesitation with your thinking. Redesign a website, find a substantial location to house inventory, maybe use same location for shipping from, and notice how your thinking starts to change right? When you look back over some of your ideas you might also realize that some of them are doable within your current situation now too. It is important for you to think past your current limitations. By doing this you can open up your plans for the future. 

There are plenty of ways to get some money if you wanted to. Getting a personal loan, maybe take out a small business loan, and there is Kabbage which is a lending service to specifically fund small businesses. For Kabbage you have to have a proven income of $1000 a month to be approved. 

A saying by Grandpa in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is: 

     "There's plenty of money out there. There print more every day. But this ticket-There are only 5 of them in the whole world, and that's all there's ever going to be. Only a dummy would give this up for for something as common as money. Are you a dummy?" 

This makes you think about business, and how often times we hesitate to invest in ourselves. Money is considered common, and the chance of creating something out of nothing and building your own career. Well, there is nothing common about that. 

This series regarding business will soon be over with. Remember to visit with Lisa a Market Your Creativity. There she shares things in full, and shares experiences she has had along with things she has learned to help her.  

As some of you may have noticed my posts are just a bit off of schedule, and I deeply apologize for that. I want to note to all of you that I am dealing with an internet issue. Hopefully it will be resolved in full soon so that I can get back to things fully. Having my posts here for you all to visit at LilacsNDreams, and to get back to work fully with my listings in my shops with Etsy, Ecrater, and over at Ebay too. Links for those can be found on the right column that you can just click. 

Thanks so much for sharing time with LilacsNDreams! I wish you all a wonderful day with all you do. See you again soon!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Your Passion, Your Business With Time Management

Your Passion, Your Business With Time Management

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Your passions should be treated like your business, and your time should be managed accordingly with it. You don't want to just let it grow like weeds, and going everywhere uncontrolibly. You should give it some boundaries, and tend to it like a garden. It will take a little bit of planning, but it will be worth it too. 

Start with setting a goal. Calculate what you would like to achieve, and set it for like a 6 month goal. Make sure to ask yourself a few questions in setting your goals. Like what is it you would like from your business within 6 months, What do you need to make happen in the next 6 months that you feel it is becoming successful, What actions should I be taking to make these goals happen, and so on. 

Make sure you have these questions noted, or recorded some where. Then, you would like to work on the steps of action that can get you there. Your steps, your actions need to be steps that you know will work for your business. If you are just starting try to do what you know has worked for others. 

You will find on average days for you that you will want to take some time to knock some of those items off your to do list. Then, you will have times when you maybe just want to sit online, and chat. This I am guilty of myself, and I do lose track of time! At the time it is fun, but frustration soon hits afterwards too. You need to find your when your levels of tendencies, and and energy so that you can set a rythmn for them of productivity. 

For example, I generally post date my blogs late night, or late night the evening before I want everyone to be able to read them. In the mornings it takes me time to wake, get around, and generally I like to read emails. I respond to emails, and I will also visit with forums at different places too. Then, I feel the urge later morning that I need to get away from the computer, stretch, grab a sandwich, and roam around the house. By the time 1 o'clock to 2 o'clock comes around for me I am more into the mood of doing listings with shops, maybe creating things, doing pictures for listings, etc. 

When, and if you find yourself saying your time is too busy to do this or that. You need to evaluate your schedule. Consider that if this particular moment were a dollar, are you investing it wisely, or are you burning it? So, you need to find where you are wasting your time. 

Maybe it's with tv, with some games at home or on the computer, Candy Crush...I know this is popular, YouTube, and so on. Once you figure out your time waster, then ask yourself when are you mostly wasting your time. 

To turn some of that time into a pleasure make note of where you seem to apply your attention. Things can't all happen at the same time. So, you need to actively choose one, or the other. 

In life every week we have items on our to-do list that we just do not want to do. We all get this feeling. Rememeber, you wear many hats. When some of those tasks come up you can just feel your energy go into the zap it mode, right? Leaving piles of some unfinished projects, maybe calling a friend in the middle of you doing a task, of course clicking around on the internet, are all ways of pushing off to do something else. If helps you if you can acknowledge this. 

In order to get some of this stuff done you need to create a time of uninterruption. Think of a time in your day when you will work on nothing else but your task, and work on putting it into short sessions. Use a timer, and an alarm clock so that you will work to stay focused on your task at hand. Do this for maybe some where around 25 minutes. Then, take about a 10 minute break. After your break set your timer again, and go back to your task for about another 25 minutes. 

Try it once, and see the results that you can produce. Keep going with this, and you can also increase your time with each work period. Try not to go over 50 minutes at one time, or your focus can then suffer. Make sure to always schedule that 10 minute break in between your sessions to help you refresh your attention, and to take a breather too.  

Remember when you spend your minutes wisely your efforts will generally be rewarded. 

Make sure to visit with Lisa at Market Your Creativity who shares these topics, and has had more experience then me with selling too.  

Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams everyone! Until the next time I wish you all a wonderful day, and hope to see you again soon.