Thursday, October 4, 2012

Colors of Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Seasons Changing

Colors of Fall.......

Colors of Winter.........

Colors of Spring.......

Colors of Summer........

Colors of Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. Seasons are changing. Which do you favor?

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! Our weekend is almost here again, and time for me to stop by here, and share with you all something of interest.

Colors of Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. We see this happen all the time, and we just know when the seasons are changing again. With Fall we can relate to the colors of orange, yellows, brown, and of course Halloween. With Winter we associate white, red, green, and Christmas with it. In the Spring we see colors coming back to life with greens, pinks, blues, lilacs, etc. As for summer that is not too far off from spring. But, the colors of summer do take on just a bit different hue with them when that season visits with us. 

Right now Fall is upon us. We see the leaves changing, the grass is changing colors, for those states producing crops we are seeing the fields being pulled down. During this time of season we also will see a change with some of the animals. We are seeing more deer, seeing a few racoons, and the birds are also being sensitive to the seasons changing with the weather, and all too. 

Soon we will have Halloween to celebrate with. Next will be Thanksgiving, and then Christmas here we come. Depending where you live the weather will also change with your seasons. For Christmas some of us will have snow, and some of us will just have a cooler air to contend with. 

Many like when Fall is with us, enjoy the cool down from summer, and are excited for the holidays coming to us. Yes, it is a nice change of pace from summer. My favorite time of seasons changing is with spring. Things are coming back to life, colors are becoming vibrant again, and I adore the pastel colors of this time of year. Pink, Blue, Green, Aqua, and of course Lilacs too. I have also been known to implement colors of pink, and blue into my christmas themes too.

Notice how each change of colors, or change of seasons also changes a mood within us as well. So, what is your favorite Season. Maybe your favorite colors of the season?

Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams everyone. Always happy to have you visiting with me, and enjoy it as well too. Take care everyone, and see you again soon. Toodles....


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  2. Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and sharing this with us Frances!:) Greatly appreciated, and I am happy that you stop to visit too. Wishing you a great holiday weekend, and a very Merry Christmas ! !