Thursday, July 25, 2013

Google Gmail Changes Sorting by Using Categories

Google Gmail Changes Sorting by Using Categories

Whew! I was trying to work on creating another banner for my site, but things not working and I soon did not feel creative anymore. So, here I am with all of you again. Still working on this site page, and still feeling the need for some simple changes. Just cannot put my finger on what I want done yet. 

Anyway, how many of you use Gmail? Yes, another product of Google. I have used Gmail for quite some time now, and have never had any issues with it. I enjoyed how I did not have to sort through all the spam mail like I get with my other email accounts. Better yet, it seemed as though I did not get spammed with ridiculous things near as much as the other accounts either. 

Well, recently Google did a minor change with the gmail accounts. Now, when you open your gmail to go through it, read it, etc you will find it already categorized for you with tabs. Unless, you have already done your own categories this new change is putting things into Social, and Promotion. I understand the need for organizing, helping us, and trying to make things better. But, sometimes you don't need to fix what is not really broken. I did not mind how it was working before, and I was use to going through things, and deleting as I went along too. Now, when I go to my Gmail account I enter into my inbox, then I have to search through the other tabs to see what mail was put where. By the time I do that hopping around I have spent more time reading my emails then I use to do before. Course Google is hard to reach, seems to ignore what the people are trying to contact them about, and etc. 

Sorry, but I really do not like how they have things set up. I did find from another blog someone else also upset over this same issue. They told how you could switch it back to the old way, and it was actually simple too. Whew! Was I relieved!

Upon entering your Gmail account for your emails you will see to the right side of those category tabs they have entered is an X by itself. Click on this X, and another box will open for you with Primary, Social, Promotion, and etc. Unclick the social box, unclick the promotion box, and just leave the check in the primary....which is the inbox being used. Close it out, and when you go back to your email you will see that the tabs they have given you disappear.

For those who use Gmail, and not liking the small change they have done I do hope this will help you. Just in case you didn't know you could change it back this should help you through it. Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams everyone! Have a beautiful day, and see you all again soon!

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