Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY Picture Frame Makeovers Wall Projects

                  annabooshouse frame makeover frame into picture board

                            Floating Frames Makeover

             All Things Heart and Home Picture Wall Makeover

DIY Picture Frames Makeover

I know I have brought this up before, but I just see so many neat things others are sharing on the internet of the how to of doing makeovers with frames. Not only do they share some instructions of what to do, but the ideas and creativity is amazing at times too!

Above you will see just a few ideas I have shared. Click on over to see what else these people have to share with ideas, and sometimes instructions for their projects too. 

So many neat things to do with picture frames. You can paint them, put a frame inside a frame, make floating frames, create picture frames into corkboards, make some chalkboards, put letters inside the picture frames, make pin boards, add a mirror to a frame, do some mosaic work on the frames, etc. Not only can you use picture frames, but maybe you find a gorgeous frame with a mirror you would like to upcycle, or repurpose it. Sometimes the mirror may be bad, and needs to be removed, and there sits this adorable frame that you must decide what to do. This is a time to have fun, and be creative with it. When creating there is no right, or wrong way of doing it. What makes you happy will work. 

Sometimes frames are bought new at the stores, maybe found in clearance isles, and better yet when you are thrifting with some of your favorite thrift stores you may find treasures to use. 

However you decide to do your makeovers, have fun with it, and enjoy it as well. So many ways to decorate with them! My list of ideas is growing, and I think maybe it is time for me to get busy creating some things myself. If you live in an area like me, winter time is a great time to be working on some of these projects too. 

Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams! Hope to see you all again soon. Happy hunting, and happy sales to everyone!

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