Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why You Should Buy Vintage

                                         Vintage Manicans Dress Forms Attire

                         Vintage Cars and Girls at Dark Roasted Blend

                            Classically Vintage Wedding Dresses Attire

                             Vintage Hairdos Pinups and Books

Why You Should Buy Vintage

I know many of my postings I share have been mostly about diy projects, craft items, upcycling, repurposing, and so on. I honestly do like vintage as well, and just adore how some still like to dress from those times in todays times. 

There is really quite a bit of vintage items out there for us if we want to look for it, and have some fun with it too. There is vintage jewelry, clothing, furniture, patterns, home decor, dinnerware, glassware, kitchenwares, accessories, lighting, suitcases, travel trailers, cars, and so much more! I adore looking at pictures of those times, collecting a few pieces along the way, and believe it to still be a fun time to cherish too. 

While researching about vintage a little bit I had found a notation made about 7 reasons to buy vintage. Beware, a lot of the vintage things that get shown is with clothing. You just have to reword, and dig a little bit deeper to find a little bit of everything vintage. Anyway, those reasons I made a note of that I found are as follows:  

1) Vintage is Unique. 
     This is true really. If you were to buy some of the clothing you would not have to worry about wearing it, and having others duplicate what you have worn. 

2) Vintage has a positive environment impact. 
     Going green, saving items from the landfills, once in a while upcycling and repurposing some pieces to better fit with the times of today, and things like that. 

3) Vintage is the source of inspiration. 
     How true this is when you truly think about it. Sometimes in designing clothes, cars, home decor, and etc we refer to times past. From that time we sometimes use items from there as a model for us when we do things. 

4) Quality
     That old saying "they don't make things like they use to" How many times have we heard parents, grandparents, and some of our elders make this comment? In all reality things were made better back in those days, and of course that is how many of them have survived over time for us to cherish today. 

5) Vintage is an investment.
     For many people this is true. Right off the top of my mind I am thinking about car collections, how some like to collect toys that are vintage, art, home decor, furniture, etc. It truly is an investment as over time some items have obtained a value for their existence today.

6) Vintage has history. 
     This is so true! If only those walls could talk to us, and tell us everything, right? Like others I like to learn the past life of an item, how it was made, and the popularity of it back in the day too.

7) Celebrities wear vintage.
     Not only in the old movies that have been revised do they wear items then, but some like to wear it when they are at different functions for all to see. Hey, there truly is nothing wrong with that. It is kind of fun to see this done, and I applaud those who do this as well. 

Vintage is something that has seen, and already lived life. It has seen good times along with bad times too. Yet, many pieces have survived still looking good, and stylish today too. As mentioned before I think that the history of pieces is enjoyable too. Careful when shopping vintage because there are some new items that are made to look old, but are not vintage. That is fine because we sometimes cannot afford vintage, but make sure you know these things when making your lists and shopping. Vintage does not mean retro either. 

Shopping vintage can be overwhelming at times. It helps to make a general list of things you are looking for with maybe some small notations to clarify in your searches too.  Everything was made better back in the day, and you never know what treasure you just might uncover!

Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams about some vintage ideas. I look forward to seeing you again soon.


  1. Yes, I agree with all of these reasons! As you said, it is enjoyable. If you are with someone that remembers, then it is more fun because you get to hear their stories. Never know what you might learn while listening! Great post!!

  2. Melanie....Thanks so very much! I have a smile on my face as I read what you posted, and I am remembering times from being on my grandparents' farm, all the old sewing machines & such in their storage shed that housed their freezers from slaughter, know. I had once been to a museum in Kilgore, TX that really truly reminded me of things they use to have on the farm, things I had seen in person, etc. Yes! I agree with the memories of things!

    Thanks for the visit, and comment. Have a Happy Vintage Day Melanie!:)


    1. I meant to say old washing machines.....that was there too:)