Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Holidays Thanksgiving Christmas Are We There Yet

Holidays Thanksgiving Christmas, Are We There Yet?

Happy Holidays Everyone! How are we doing so far. Thanksgiving will be here in a couple of weeks, and it's about 5? weeks till Christmas, right? Where the heck is the time going, and it really is moving along at a quicker speed now too. 

Every year is different on how the Holidays are being treated, which one is getting more attention, and if we want to consider it all festive as it use to be, or just another day. I remember when I was younger (yes, I was there once) being excited for Thanksgiving, all the food, seeing family, spending time playing on the farm, seeing this grand parent & that one too. Then, there was Christmas to be all excited about as well. The trees, the lights, the festivities, the preparations, Santa, and searching for them hidden gifts parents would hide away from us. I actually liked winter, and the snow then too.

Now as each year goes past it seems like the holidays are not quite what they use to be. Some of the fun, and much of the meaning has been taken from it. I feel as though it is pushed upon us, and has become something more of a retail holiday than what the true meaning of it all is. A little bit each year seems to get lost with all the hustle of things. 

So, anyway, how do you celebrate and are you ready for all this? How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Each year it seems to be the same thing, but this year we are working on maybe trying a few things just a little differently. You know, trying to add a little of the fun back into it all. Christmas will be more festive as our son will be home from army base for about a couple of weeks...unless he changes his mind. Be nice to have some company around the house again, and to be sharing all the fun stuff with family as well. Course we will be thinking of those who are no longer with us, and knowing that they too are celebrating right along with us as well. 

I have been blessed with a few sales the past week, and a half. I am thankful for this, and know that most of the items are being used for preparations in festivities for others as well. I just cannot believe how the time has flown, so much to do around here, and was curious how others were handling this as well. 

Thanks so much for sharing time with LilacsNDreams, and always happy to hear from all of you too. Take care, and drop by again soon. Have a Happy Day!

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