Monday, June 11, 2018

Treasures Await, Old, Vintage, Repurposed, DIY, Plate Stand, Dish Stand

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Treasures Await! Old, Vintage, Repurposed, DIY, Restyled Plate Stand, Dish Stand, Glass Stand, Vintage Inspired. In this posting I am sharing a few pieces that I had made from vintage plates, decorative plates, candle holders, and a compote candy dish. As you can see I used different sized plates for these stands shown. Most of them were glass while one I did use a dinner plate for the stand. 

Generally when you think of these stands you thought of them standing upright which is the normal shown way for them. Time to be a little more creative with these pieces, and believe me I had fun when I was displaying these pieces for pictures. I enjoyed showing, and giving ideas of how to use these plate stands I made for your homes. I tried to show how the pieces could be versatile for different uses. They could be used for serving, used as decor in the home, maybe used for a little organizing of things, and etc. Use them in the living room, in the kitchen, in your bathroom, or in your bedrooms too. 

Not only were these a plate stand, but they could be used with candles and some embellishments. Use them in the kitchen with some dish soap, dish rag, scrubbing pad, etc. Use in the bathroom with some rolled cloths, jewelry holder, bathroom accessories, and so forth. 

Common use was to have them standing as a serving plate stand, but since I used different items for the bases I liked to show how they could be flipped over for different uses too. With some of the plates I had used some goblets. One plate had a blue glass goblet I used. When it stood straight up I liked to put a flicker candle under the goblet, and added some flowers. If it was a holiday season I would decorate with that theme too. 

I sold a few of these pieces over at Etsy which is where I am working on getting some things listed there. Remember, I am in the process of buying a home and moving. So, I have to watch how much I am doing until we get fully moved. Earlier tonight I was working with all my policies, introductions, etc. Doing a lot of updating with things. Anyway, once we get fully settled I have thought about making up some of the plate stands again too. Would be great to have some for the upcoming holidays, given as gifts, and so on.     

                                  Clear Glass Cupcake Stand Dessert Plate Center Piece

Some pictures combined that show a few different uses for this particular plate stand that was made.

Avocado Green Relish Tray Dish Glass Stand Vintage Inspired

This avocado green relish dish stand looked like new when put together. I am selective with the pieces that I partner to make these stands. Many times they look pretty much new, and bought from the store. Something I took pride in doing. 

Cake Cupcake Stand Blue Glass Vintage Inspired

It took a little while before this plate stand came together. This happen to be an extra plate that came from a dish set. When I found the blue glass candy might have been the base of a fairy light that was missing the top to it too...I just knew before I got it home what I wanted to do with it. My biggest issue was to confirm that the colors in the blue glass would work with the blues in the rim of the dish. They were a match, and I got this together as soon as I could too. 

When I put these pieces together I took my time matching them. I make sure the pieces are clean, and dry. Then, I spend the time marking/noting where the pieces will connect. Once they are connected I use the right things for pressure to make sure they stay connected. Check on them periodically to make sure the glue did not shift pieces, and off center them. Once I was comfortable with the pieces settling the right way then they would sit to dry. This part I never rushed, and I was content when I placed them for sale knowing they had bonded properly, and would make the new owner of them happy. 

Yes, I get excited with some things. There is so much out there that we can use to be creative with. Many things that can be made/created. Part of a piece to a set, a lonely vintage piece that needs a new life, sometimes painting can help a piece along too. I like how there are no rules to do this. What you create can work for you, or maybe someone else too. It might be a copy, or mimic something else made. But, it is still a unique piece because of how you made it, what was all used to make it, etc. 

Ok, I better slow my jets or I'll be carrying on, and bore some of you. Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams everyone! I enjoy your visits, and hope to see you dropping by again. Take care till the next time everyone. Toodles.....


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