Monday, November 26, 2018

Christmas Handmade DIY Repurpose Home Decor

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Christmas Handmade DIY Repurpose Home Decor. Thanksgiving has passed, and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving too. The belly has been filled, and the anticipation for the next holiday has expanded just a little bit more. I like many others are excited for the Christmas season.

Christmas is my favorite holiday to celebrate, share, and enjoy. It has much meaning for many people. It's a time of year that the weather changes, many festivities are scheduled to celebrate this holiday, and the mood changes a bit for many too. 

If I was doing my online I use to...I would be busy right now with that too. People buying for gift giving, and some are treating themselves to special gifts. Many are filling their homes with  decor for the season or just because, and many are also getting things together to craft with as well. 

I enjoy my vintage collectibles that I collect, or sometimes will sell too. I also enjoy decorating, and crafting some of the decorations that I find. Last week I showed you a glass vase I had decorated with different things. Since I shared that I have also added some white fairy lights to the arrangement. The soft glow of the light brings out some of the blue, and glitter a bit more too. 

This week I am going to share with you my latest project I have been working with. I'm almost done. I have enough to share one completed item, and to share some of the things being used for the second item too. I love the Dollar Tree Store. I can purchase many things there to add in with decorations, and to craft with too. For this project I bought some 8X10 picture frames. I already had the spray paint at home. I had some Christmas ribbon, I purchased some ornaments, and I found some Christmas gift tags from another store to use too. Step in a little closer to have a look at the pictures below showing my progress so far. 

I bought 2 of these 8X10 pictures frames that you see. 

I removed the plastic wrap, the glass, and the backing. Once that was done I spray painted both sides of this a white color. 

In this picture you can see 1 of the picture frames completed. After the paint had dried on the frame. I glued in the corner a blue glitter ribbon bow that I made. I made this one simple, and just added 2 different gift tags, and a snowflake letter clip to the bow. 

In this picture I am showing the complete picture frame again along with some extra items at the bottom of the frame. While the other frame is drying fully for me to work with I prepared a red ribbon to put on that one. The second picture frame is white also. Now, after I attach the bow I have some decisions to make about what else to decorate with. The ornament is a green, and silver bulb with a pine cone design on it. Next to that is another older ornament that has mini pine cones, a mini white lace doily behind that, and some red ribbon that has some old gold bells at the bottom of them. I'm also considering using some gift tags again. Not quite sure how it will turn out yet. Don't want to make it too heavy that it won't hang right either. 

I enjoy the Christmas season. I so enjoy adding touches to things I already have, or maybe restyling some things I find within the Dollar Tree, and Thrift Stores too. Sometimes it's a gift for someone else, and many times it's for my pleasure too.

Now to see what else I can get into for crafting with this wonderful holiday. I know some people are bahumbug with the season, but sometimes I feel like I come alive with some of my creative juices.

Thanks again for visiting with LilacsNDreams! I enjoy your visits, and look forward to you dropping by again. Take care till the next time everyone. 


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