Monday, February 4, 2019

Thrifting, Junking, Repurposing, DIY, Crafting, Handmade, Vintage Collectibles

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Thrifting, Junking, Repurposing, DIY, Crafting, Handmade, Restyle, and vintage collectibles too!  What can I say, I love dabbling with a lot of things! 

Hello! Hello! Hello! to all visiting. It's been a very long time, and I deeply apologize for that too. The holidays, getting in truck with husband, visiting son on base, bringing his dog home with us for a while...he's like having another child in the home, having an early christmas with our son, and having a late christmas with our daughter. Then, while school was out for the christmas holiday our grand daughter stayed with me for a week. New Years eve was spent with daughter, and her family being here. Also, we had our son on facetime so that he brought in the new year with all of us, and not by himself. Excuses, but they were some precious times that don't want to be missed either. 

So, here we are into the new year 2019. Also, the first month of the new year is done as well. Time has gotten by me unfortunately. Things were different this year during holidays because my husband couldn't be home to share it with us. First time in quite a few years we had this happen. So, I did the tree myself, decorations outside and inside myself, gift wrapping, cooking christmas dinner myself, etc etc. Then, of course I had the fun of taking it all down myself too. Really wasn't that bad. Only issue is the new tree we got this year. 7 1/2 foot tall, and I'm about 5'4". So, that was a chore itself. Love the tree, it looked great, but taking it down....I can't find containers big enough to store the tree as it is. I got one more idea to store it, and hopefully I get that done this week. Next time hubby is home he can then put it away for storage till the next time. 

I'm not one to really set too many goals for the new year. It's easier for me to work on the smaller things, and add as I go along. My biggest goal is to just work on the house as we are able to, and get it more to a point that it is our home. Baby steps, but it will come along. Just another reason I am anxious for spring because that is when all things will be new, fresh air, windows open, things growing, and so on. 

I need to get my craft room into a more organized order for use. That includes going through things that have been stored here, downsize if I need to,etc. I'm anxious for this too. I have been thrifting a little bit here, and there. Getting things in order to start working on. Different glass pieces waiting to be worked with, some need to be washed yet, and then collecting a few extras along the way to use with things I want to make. 

I am anxious for this year to truly get back into the groove of making things, and getting back online selling again too. My dearest friend just lives a couple hours from me, and we converse about things we want to do, set some goals, and try to coax each other to help out in the motivation department too. She is in the process of getting her craft room ready, and organized too. Hopefully in the spring we have made some plans to do some thrifting, and junking. Also, to dig into some things for crafty pieces too. She has a few stores she wants to introduce me to, and I am anxious for it too. That is one good thing about this move that we made. I have a few more areas for shopping, and searching for treasures. Also, a new area where I can spend more time with me, and not chasing around for everyone else. More Me time is something we all need. 

LOL! Well, now that I have bored y'all with my thoughts, and ideas I shall stop here for now. Hope it didn't scare y'all away, and you come back to visit to keep tabs on things being done. Right now I am thinking, and planning maybe a Christmas in July. I'll keep you updated as things go along for me. Along with that I think I might start working on things for some of the holidays along the year too. I have some ideas, making notes, making lists for supplies needed, watching videos to help me a little bit, and I am truly excited for this! I only hope I can do what I am planning, but have fun with it too. 

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and I hope to see y'all again soon! Stop by now, and then to check in on what is happening, chat with me, etc. Enjoy the company as I venture along with things. Take care till the next time everyone!

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