Monday, May 6, 2019

Vintage Wood Blocks Pine Cones Crafting Repurpose Handmade

Vintage Wood Blocks Pine Cones Crafting Repurpose Handmade

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! It will be a while before my computer is fixed, or I have to get another computer. Please bear with me. Using my iPad, and for some reason it is not fully cooperating with what I am wanting to do. Darn technology, right?

Ok, so getting on with my topic today. Above you will see pictures showing some things I am preparing, or will be using to craft with. Spring time, I can open windows, step on porch to do some spray painting, and it feels great! 

The first picture shows my set of vintage wood blocks that I have received. I got these to do one craft I have in mind. If you can remember my blocks I did making the word quilt, well this one will be similar with a different word made. Also, during this week I noted a few more ideas I would like to do with blocks left over from this repurposed craft I’ll be doing. Since it was bright sunny nice out today I grabbed some of my pine cones, and went out on the porch to spray paint a few of them for other projects that I will be creating too. I enjoy creating crafts, sometimes I repeat the same ideas, but not one of them will ever be exactly the same as the next. In some way there will always be some minor difference that makes them different. Each piece becomes unique in their own way. 

So, that is something I was able to work on this week, and start to prepare for what I want to do. Something I didn’t picture was that I did a little more thrifting on Friday. Got a few more glass pieces, and some odds and ends I can use with other projects coming up too. Like I mentioned earlier I enjoy this time of year very much!

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and hope to see you stop again soon. 

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