Monday, September 30, 2019

Handmade Upcycled Restyled Repurposed Halloween Decor

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Last day of September, and into October we go. Kind of exciting time of year don’t you think? We are into Fall for the season, and now we have holidays for the rest of the year. 

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. Sadly, each year with retail things are pushed onto us faster, and faster. We hadn’t even gotten to the end of September, and already Christmas was being stocked or was pretty much stocked. That part is a little disturbing because we are losing out on the fun of things, and making memories for these times. 

So, anyway I’m trying to focus on Halloween. I have been crafting for Halloween. Got my pumpkins done with the splatter guards. I had scraps of Halloween material I had picked up. I was gonna get some cheap toilet paper to make these little pumpkins, but I did something different. I had collected a few empty toilet paper rolls. I used those to group together for the pumpkin bodies, and for their stems. I only used a little glue for the burlap wrap done for the stems. The material, and the leaves were all tucked in tightly to places, and have been holding pretty good. 

I started decorating a little bit on the front porch for Halloween. When it quits raining I’ll be able to get some pictures to show to all of you. 

I appreciate everyone stopping by to visit with Me at LilacsNNDreams! Thank You! Hope to see you all again soon. 

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