Monday, November 11, 2019

Christmas Candy Cane Wreath Handmade Repurposed Restyled Upcycled

A Christmas Candy Cane Handmade Wreath Repurposed Upcycled Restyled

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Happy to have you visit as always. Above you will see the picture I’m showing for a completed project done by me. This creation was fun! The only thing missing right now is I need to add ribbon at the top for this handmade candy cane wreath to hang. This was fairly simple to make, and took a little patience gluing the canes together. Not all of them lay completely flat. 

I used 2 packages of the plastic candy canes from Dollar Tree Store. The ribbon bows were from my ribbon/Christmas stash I had. I’m thinking I had gotten the package from the Dollar Tree as well, but cannot confirm definitely. Some of these candy cane wreaths you might have seen made with different centers on them too. Some used snowflake ornaments, some have used the snowman head ornaments, maybe a ribbon bow, and etc. I happen to be looking at ornaments at Walmart, and when I seen this JOY ornament I knew this was the one. The Joy is in red with some glitter. Above the word Joy is the usual berry cone garland you see at Christmas time, and the ornament background is metal like with a slight tarnished look to it. 

Light weight, adorable, and uniquely handmade piece to adorn your home. It is not listed right now as I do this post, but this will be listed with my Shoppe at Etsy I’ll probably have it listed Monday night. This project is completed, and will sit overnight for glue to bond properly, and to see if any adjustments will need to be made before I can list it for sale.

Quickly I wanted to let you know that I am going to be slowly testing a few things with my website in regards to times, and days that I am posting. I am wanting to find a better way of reaching you that visit with me, and being able to reach out to more as well. Time, and changes sometimes bring these adjustments to us that we need to consider. So, please bear with me during this time of experimenting. 

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Love the visits, comments, and messages from everyone. Hope to see y’all again soon! Take care till the next time. Toodles . . . . . .

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