Monday, December 16, 2019

Handmade Gnome Pink Bandana Biker Style Gnome was created by LilacsNDreams! I love this one because it is just a little bit different than a lot of the gnomes that have become so popular. This is the second gnome that I have made. First one was done with a tomato cage that now sits on my porch. This pink gnome is a gift that I will soon give to my hairdresser with my next appointment. 

This is how the gnome first look when I completed it. I wasn’t quite settled with it. In my opinion I felt it needed just a little bit more height. It felt like it was just sitting a little too low. As you will see in the next 3 pictures I had added a little bit height with it which I feel made it just a little bit better. I’m learning, and next time I will know a little bit more what to do.

The supplies I used with this project was a mop head from a mop I got from the Dollar Tree store. I cut a corner of a pink bandana to use for the gnome hat. I used a pink Pom Pom for the nose, and I added just a few little pink flowers to a few of the strands I braided. For the base I used a pencil holder from the Dollar Tree store.  

I removed the mop head from the mop handle, and I dropped the black neck of the mop head into the pencil holder. Before doing that I added a little glue around the rim of the pencil holder. Next time I will push the mop head further down into the holder. This will help shorten the beard that is around it.  With this gnome I unraveled all of the mop strings. Was trying to make it a little bit fuller. I attached the pink bandana, I added the pink Pom Pom for the nose, and I braided a few of the mop strands which I then added the little pink bows in some areas. 

After studying how it sat for a little bit I went in search of something to use to add a little bit of height to this. I used a small glass votive holder. 

Now, remember I am no expert doing handmade crafts. A lot of it is following what others do, sometimes adding my own touch, etc. I need to get another mop head because I would like to make another gnome. Not sure what kind of hat for it, bit that will come to me as I go along. 

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Christmas is soon here. Hope everyone will be able to share some time with family, friends, or have some whee you can go.

Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams today. Drop on by anytime. Take care till the next time you visit. Toodles . . . .

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