Monday, May 25, 2020

LilacsNDreams Memorial Day Thank You Kitchen Remodel

LilacsNDreams wants to wish everyone a Fun, Enjoyable, and Safe Memorial Day! Not as much activities as there normally would be which is hard. But, whatever you are able to do have fun, and enjoy it.

All we were going to do was paint our kitchen walls. I didn’t want to paint the cupboards. One advantage I don’t have a lot of wall to paint in the kitchen since it’s small. Mostly above the counters. We did talk a little bit about how to do the counter tops, and back splash. Also, we have a small island attached to the wall, and we discussed some ideas what to do to make a little more room. So, the cupboards are going to be a light grey. Almost like a white grey. The country blue chosen will go on what wall is in there, and I think we will put it within the archway to the kitchen too. The cupboard you see now will be removed, and I have found some adorable wood for the shelves that we will be adding that will blend with the grey, blue, the new window and door borders, and frame. Next weekend is our big weekend to get the flooring done. Hopefully our new door comes in to be put in too. 

Making this a little short today. Thinking of those who have, and are serving today for what freedoms we have. Big Thank You to them! 

Thanks for visiting LilacsNDreams! Be safe everyone! Happy Memorial Day!

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