Monday, August 17, 2020

Poshmark Sale With New Reversible Purse Bag at LilacsNDreams

Poshmark Sale With New Reversible Purse Bag at LilacsNDreams. 

Welcome everyone! I was so excited Saturday night to get notice of a sale with Poshmark! I received it later that night, was out for the night with family, and knew Sunday I would prepare everything for shipment Monday morning.

I woke Sunday morning, filled out what I needed to with Poshmark, and they then sent me my shipping label to use. If it was over 5 pounds for shipping you had instructions what to do then. I was planning on what box to use, checked printer for paper, located some tissue paper to use, got my shipping tape out, and cleared spot on table to prepare this shipment. Then, I went to my designated Sale Items area to retrieve this purse. 

I looked, looked, looked in containers, looked in boxes, moved things, and I just could not find it! See since our house has been getting remodeled things have been moved to make room for that, and everything was designated to different areas in order to find them when needed. Course no one remembers this, has no clue where it could be, and you have me being frustrated and upset at not finding this. 

So, I did something I have honestly never done in the years I’ve been selling on line. I had to cancel this order. I did that process with Poshmark. Then, I wanted to notify the customer myself about this cancellation, and the reason for it. I felt horrid doing this to her, my first sale at Poshmark, and just was not happy with this situation. 

I try to put myself into that situation as a customer, and try the best I can to communicate and be honest with them. I know it’s over, and done with now. But, I still feel horrible. Also, I have not found this particular bag, and a Coach purse I had listed in which I stopped that listing too. 

So, I had a great weekend until this sale I dealt with at Poshmark. I hope to get more things posted there, and some things I will sell through Facebook Marketplace. If you see anything of interest I can sell from here too. I would invoice you, and I use PayPal too. Just drop me a line at

Thanks for visiting at LilacsNDreams! Appreciate your visit, and any comments that you would like to share too. Take care till the next time everyone. Toodles. . . 

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