Monday, July 19, 2021

Google Website Shopping on GoDaddy With LilacsNDreams


Google Website Shopping on GoDaddy With LilacsNDreams. 

Welcome to LilacsNDreams today everyone! Glad to have you stopping by! I am excited, and hope I can slow down enough to get it all out here for you. Saturday we closed on the house, got the keys, and by Monday they should be moved out for us to have full possession of the home. So excited, but do dread the packing, and moving part. After doing that Saturday morning we then went furniture shopping. Stopped at 1 store, but didn’t quite have anything for our tastes. Second store we went to was well worth the time spent there shopping for everything we wanted. Just need to visit again to see if we can get our new dining table set there. Unfortunately, time got away from us. We did all we could, and have a very good start. Couch ordered, and delivered in August. End of July the love seat, 2 rocker chairs, mattress with new headboard and frame for our son will be delivered. We also need to get our own bed from another place since we are wanting one of those raising/lift beds. Just so excited about all of this.

Tonight I got a little bit excited again. I was reading a newsletter I receive that discusses things with EBay, Etsy, selling online, changes with things, etc. I read 1 topic about Google working with some of the platforms with selling, and 1 of them was with GoDaddy. I have had my domains there for years. So, I looked at things a little closer with numbers of course. For the monthly fee at GoDaddy for what they had to offer it seemed very intriguing. Pay them a fee for the exposure I can receive with Google, and social media places. Not have all the rules you have with some of the other platforms, and to be selling again using 1 of my domains is pretty exciting. I am anxious to get moved, and very anxious to be working with this at GoDaddy to start showing my products and selling them. I can’t wait to get started. It’s been a long time since I was excited to sell. I’m so excited that this move cannot happen fast enough now. 

I’ll keep you all updated as I progress along. I have LilacsNDreams dot com domain directed at my blog/website which I can always change with ease at GoDaddy. For now to start with I will be using LilacsNDreams Shop domain for my GoDaddy store. I’m so excited that I’m more focused with this tonight then with moving. Been a while since I felt like this with everything happening with the pandemic, shut downs, being isolated, and losing freedom for a while there. I’m so excited I almost feel alive again!

Wish me luck everyone! I’ll keep you posted with things as I figure them out. I hate that I will be waiting till after we move, but I am going to play around with wording, setting things up on my GoDaddy shop, colors, pictures, and all of that fun stuff.

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Till the next time my friends  have fun in all you do, be safe, and we’ll see you again. Toodles . . . . . 

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