Monday, October 25, 2021

Repurposed Handmade DIY Crafting Upcycled Shirts Keychains Cups


Repurposed Handmade DIY Crafting Upcycled Shirts Keychains Cups with LilacsNDreams for Cheyenne Customs.

Welcome to everyone visiting with LilacsNDreams today!

Many of us enjoy the fine art of crafting with handmade, homemade, DIY, repurposed, upcycled projects for our homes, given as gifts, for special occasions, etc. Holidays are fast approaching, and buying unique handmade gifts gives gift giving a special touch to be cherished.

In November I will be doing a vendor craft show with another person. We felt that offering our items together would add a variety to the booth, a few more choices, and help you a little with some of those creative thoughts for this fun time of year. 

Below you will see some pictures I shared from Cheyenne Customs that I am doing the vendor fair with. Cheyenne makes custom bows, shirts, signs, keychains, and more. If you would see something you like do not hesitate to contact Cheyenne, and place your order. Any questions please feel free to ask her too. The best way to contact her is to message her from Facebook with messenger. You can find her place at Cheyenne Customs

                                                         Shirt had been made for Easter

Covers for your cell phones

Sometimes she’ll find deals like on hats she can offer to you plain, or if you would like something printed on it she can do it

Cups personalized, bottom of socks with sayings, different face masks for adults and children

Wooden keychains have been popular, and are so cute too!

I have this shirt myself, and get compliments about it too

Dish towels can be done also. I adore decorating my kitchen with things like this too.

The designed bows look great, and are so cute when little girls wear them too!

Why not add a little character to your home lounging attire? Wear something unique when you’re out, and about doing errands too.

I have this shirt ordered, and cannot wait to get it either! Popular coffee sayings, and I adore country music too!

Some of her first cups Cheyenne made

Definitely clothes for kids too

Cheyenne shared a print to see who would like it used on something for them, or given as a gift too

Cheyenne used plain divided trays, and added print with designs to make them fun for the kids. They have been popular too.

As you can see we should have a nice variety of items with the combination of Cheyenne Customs, and LilacsNDreams. This will be my first vendor fair having some of my products being offered. I’m anxious for the opportunity, and a little nervous too. Trying to get organized, and get a few more things made to offer too.

Thank you so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams everyone! Take care, be safe, and see you again soon! Toodles . . . . . . 

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