Monday, November 22, 2021

Vendor Craft Fair DIY Handmade Repurpose Upcycle LilacsNDreams


Vendor Craft Fair With LilacsNDreams Saturday, November 13 was my very first vendor craft fair that I have participated with. I did this event with my niece, we rented 2 booths, was about 1 1/2 hours away from home, different area/people. I offered repurposed Pizza Pans, I made about 3 pillows, I had some of my cake plates offered, a cutting board that was done simple, my bigger and smaller angels, and etc,.

I’m not sure how I feel about participating with this event. I know my first one, and I guess I was expecting a little more with it. Parking became an issue, no one really greeted us as we set up our booths, there was an admission fee, it seemed like quite a few of the vendors there knew someone from town there, and it was not all handmade either. 

I had quite a few people look at my things, asked some questions, and after they would leave. We did a rush job setting our things up. I felt we should have slowed down just a bit. We had wooden crates to help us a little. Sadly, I had all kinds of pictures I wanted to share with you. Unfortunately with my new phone some pictures went missing. I had 2 pizza pans I repurposed, I did up 2 of the charger plates, I made 3 pillows, I had 4 angels I offered, etc. I wanted to share all my pics with you, but my new phone seems to have eaten some of them . . . . urrr. I thought this was suppose to be a craft fair. Yes, some things offered there were not handmade, and many people after looking at some of my things would ask me the price. Then they would leave. I felt like many of the people were wanting products offered to be cheaper. 

I sold 1 of my bigger angels, and that was my only sale for the day. I know it was my first showing, but things just felt uncomfortable, I didn’t care for the admissions fee, and I was expecting a little more of it I guess you could say.

Below are a few pictures I could find to share with you some of the things I had to offer at the craft fair. 

Thank you everyone for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Take care, be safe, and see you again. Have a great day! Toodles . . . . 

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