Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pinterest and Tips For Creating Images People Will Share

Pinterest and Tips For Creating Images People Will Share.

Hello, and Welcome back to LilacsNDreams! Pinterest is another Social Network that has hit the internet, and has grown quite rapidly. It has also become quite popular with people too. People like it because it is another way to share some of the same interests, place to get some ideas from, and can be addictive just looking through everything that everyone is sharing there. You see something you like on the internet, want to hang onto some instructions, found an idea, and etc then all you have to do is "pin" it. Pinterest is like a really big bookmark for many people, and as of recently as become more to some as business now too. 

I have noticed when doing searches on the big old search engine of google that some things being offered are items that were pinned at Pinterest. So, depending what you do it can be helpful in traffic, being seen, and so on. 

From the Social Media Examiner the other day they had shared 5 tips for Creating Pinterest Images That People Love to Share. A few tips were shared in how to get your images ready for you adding them to boards there, and when people come along to pin them, and share them too.

1.)  Use Relevant Labels on Your Images

When someone pins images from your website, or blog post, the label that automatically appears in the description is the name you gave your image. Instead of image1, image2 you wuold like a label image with a relevant name that is specific to the image. Something like green glass anchor hocking vase, or whatever you image may be. 

2.)  Write a Text Message on Top of Your Image

Interesting idea, but I can see how it is helpful too. Add a text message onto your image so that your image will have a description with it at all times. There are many software programs out there to use for this, and many of them free too. Or, maybe you have a preference with one, and some also like to use what came with their computers too. 

3.)  Add Logo or Name to the Image

Add your business name, website, or a small logo can also make images more effective. So, if the image gets pinned everyone knows who created it. Others can find your site with doing this, and etc. I would like to mention that upon doing this make sure that your name does not over power the picture as well. People like to view things, and they don't like distractions in the way too. There are subtle ways of putting your business name on images without it being the center of attention too. 

4.)  Ask People to Pin Your Images

Make is easy for others to share your images by asking them to pin your images. Example would be to display a message such as "feel free to pin" or "feel free to share on Pinterest" Others are more likely to share your images. Kind of like when people ask you to Like them on Facebook, join my circle on Google+, Tweet me, and etc. 

5.)  Keep Your Descriptions Between 200 to 300 Characters

This is for that box that is below the pictures when you are pinning them. It's important to create fantastic images for your website, and blog. It's also important to pin your images with a description, and share it with followers on pinterest. 

A good description that tells a story behind images can capture followers, and makes your pins more shareable too. This is all interesting isn't it? Reminds me of doing SEO, and applying some of it to your images which is good for anything you do. It can help with relevancy, can help with your images also being found with engine searches, and so on. 

If you would like to read a bit more detail about this topic make sure to click Social Media Examiner at the beginning of this, or you can also click on the topic title right after the Social Media Examiner too. Either link will take you to the same place. 

Hope this helped some of you a bit with your pinning, and your images at Pinterest. I know, that place can be very addictive, and fun to see everything too. Thanks so much for sharing your time at LilacsNDreams today. Take care everyone, and see you again soon. 

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