Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Presidential Elections For the New President, Obama or Romney

Presidential Elections For New President, Obama or Romney?

Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! I am sure many of us have been caught up with all the ads, flyers, mail received, and so on for the upcoming election of a President. Today I was gone most of the day with family time before our son leaves for basic training for the army next week. But, when we got home we had the tv on right away, and was watching the Presidential elections as they took place. Generally I like to kind of skip through, visit now and then, and just give the elections a moderate view/thought. This year is a bit different. 

Our nation has been going through such a termal with all that has happened to us since our last election. Unemployment, bail outs, foreclosures, debt, insurance, bringing our troops home, gas and fuel, etc, and etc. Many things has happened these past 4 years with President Obama, and of course many questioned if he was the right person for the job again with this term. 

I had a hard time in determining which candidate I would favor. I watched the debates more this year, listened to things, and sometimes was concerned that I did not hear Obama really tell of anything new he wanted to do. I heard that he would be doing the same of what he had already done. Oh, sorry, Obamacare which is to go into effect. Then, you have Romney, and like any other electives you will hear good, bad, and some of the skeletons come out from the closets too. I couldn't be sure if he would be the right choice either. 

As I had commented to a few people I wish we could vote none of the above since I was so undecided. I was not really sure if either one was a choice I could make. Or, do I go with the thought that we need a change, and vote for someone new?

Boy, the elections were close tonight. Very close, and it was a very close call too. It looks as though Obama will one more time be our President, and lead this country for another term. Sorry, but not exactly sure how I feel about this victory. I have questions as I did before, I worry if it is the right choice like I would have no matter what way it went, and sadly still undecided myself. I hope that Obama was the right choice for this next term, and I pray that we can have a few more better results than we had these past 4 years with him as well. 

Did you vote? Are you happy with the decision that was made? What are some feelings with this? Remember, there is no right or wrong answer to questions I ask. Just honest opinions, and everyone being open minded to them as well. No fighting, and play nice everyone:-)

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and hope ya'll had a good visit. Take care, and hope to see you again soon. 

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