Friday, December 21, 2012

Do It Yourself Gift Wrapping Creative Ideas

Do It Yourself Gift Wrapping Creative Ideas. 

Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! Christmas almost here, got all the gifts you want to buy, and now the part of gift wrapping. Do you like to gift wrap? If so, do you buy your own rolls of paper to use? There are some pretty papers out there to choose from, but once in a while they all start to look alike don't you think? This time of year we sometimes like to put our own personal touches to the gifts as well too. So, why not be creative with your gift wrapping, and make it fun too. 

Below you will see examples of some gifts done in a creative way. These ideas hopefully will also help you to maybe think of other ideas not mentioned here as well. I found this list with Country Living

Mix Tape by using some festive masking tape, or consider some washi tape too. Alternate the tapes horizontally, vertically, and so on. As in this picture the tape mimiced the ribbon used. The snowflake was fashioned from some frayed candy cane colored paper straws. Neat huh? This comes from Joy D. Cho

Box O' Joy can be just as fun as the gift inside too. Use subdued tones, maybe some fun prints, polka dots, and etc. Buy boxes already decorated, or maybe decorate some of your own with scrapbook paper, material, an old shirt, maps, and etc to create your decorative boxes. These are from 
 Use an adorable musical theme. This is done with some repurposed Jingle Bells sheet music to give this some festive cheer. Enlarge music on copier, and then print it onto thick paper. Use a satin bow of course, and the jingle bells provides the finishing touches. Comes from Grapevine Invitations

Another creative idea is to use ready to wear. Put some new life into a thrift store shirt you found, add a brooch to the package. Not only is this an adorable idea which gives a person more gifts when unwrapped with the brooch, and the shirt, but this also makes it eco-friendly too. This came from Jenn Playford

These are all wonderful ideas shared by others, and there is still so much more out there to consider using as well. Many many ways to have fun wrapping those gifts for under the tree. Use craft paper, yarn, ribbon, buttons, tissue paper, use wall paper samples to maybe make some letters, old maps, magazine pages, fabric, etc. 

For gift tags you could also have fun creating too. Consider using a twig, ornament, glitter buckles, buttons, playing cards, etc. Make some pretty velvet flowers, or paper flowers to add another touch as well. 

So, do you like gift wrapping, or are you bored with it? I would suggest you consider making it fun to wrap by using some fun things from around the home, and giving your gifts a special little touch of their own from you. Fun, creative, and special.

Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams today. Take care, wishing you all a wonderful holiday, and see you again soon.  

                          Wishing everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS ! !

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