Thursday, December 20, 2012

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Everyone From LilacsNDreams

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Everyone From LilacsNDreams!

Hello, hello, hello, and how is everyone doing? WOW! Just a few more days, and christmas is officially here for us. Is everyone ready for this? I have most of my things done, house is pretty much in order for everyone to arrive, and stay. Busy, busy, busy. I will be ready for a long break after this season though. Time to slow it down, and work on some projects too.

I did get a chance to stop at a local store of ours that has relocated into a new building. Did it more, or less to see how the bigger place was, look around a bit, and see if their prices had changed much with this new building. Pictured you will see a Big Jar I found with the lid, has the rope & Santa decoration around the neck of the jar, and inside the jar the strand of red lights came with it too. I just could not refuse this piece, and love it on my kitchen counter top. Yep, got home I checked to make sure the lights worked, cleaned the jar out, cleaned the lid, and lit this baby up. When I got to the counter is when I found out that all christmas items were 50%. So, for $3.00+ I could not complain with this item. 

Anyway, I do believe I have all the food for our dinners we will have. Now, wish me luck in the morning as I have to get up extremely early due to the snow we all of a sudden are getting here. Snow, snow, and more snow. It hasn't quit, but yet oddly enough there are a few areas I can still see some of our grass peeking through. I just hope we don't get too much so I can get through it in the morning. Living on a farm someone was usually here to run the tractors, and scoop the snow. No one here right now, and am hoping I can get through it till I get back home. Picking son up from airport as he is on his leave for holiday till the 3rd. Daughter, and grand baby here by Sat. morning. Dinner on Sunday, and Dinner, left overs, and some other goodies brought in for a day of family again. 

Making my list of what items I still need. Not sure where my head has been, but I have to wrap gifts, and haven't gotten the wrapping paper yet! Plenty of tape, but no paper...LOL:) I do hope this finds everyone doing well, and everything is being done in your preparations for the christmas season as well. Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams everyone. See you again soon, and have a wonderful, fun, and enjoyable Christmas!

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