Thursday, March 21, 2013

Google Reader Will Shut Down, Now What

Google Reader Will Shut Down, Now What?

It's all over the internet, and if you have not already heard this Google Reader is going to be shutting down by July 1st, 2013. Reading other blogs, and some searching of things this appears to be the original post from Google. There is also another post with Google Reader Blog that covers this as well too. There are more on the list shutting down, and it is being announced as their spring cleaning. 

Not to panic everyone. There are many alternatives out there to consider. Many of them are being over loaded right now with the rush of everyone trying to download, and transfer things. You still have time before the Google Reader shuts down to look around, research some of them, and see what others are sharing about their experiences too. There are many places out there similar to the Google Reader that are also RSS Feed readers too. One of those is BlogLovin. When you search the internet, do google searches for "rss feed readers" you will gain new hope. 

I am already on BlogLovin myself, and have had an account with them for quite a while. So, with this news of Google Reader it is to my advantage that I already have a place for this. BlogLovin has had good feed back, and is pretty user friendly to work with also. If you click here you can visit Me over at BlogLovin too.   

Follow on Bloglovin
The process is not hard to do all of this. Just take your time with it all, and things will work out smoothly for you. 
• Your 1st step is to go to BlogLovin, and get signed up there. 
• Your 2nd step will be your sign up information which is self explanatory too. 
• Step 3 will be your email verification, and the address to be verified with it
• By this 4th step you should see the Blue Button that reads "import from google reader" which you will click to bring your blogs over that you are following 
• Step 5 don't forget to click the blue button to allow access for your blog import

Once you have that done you can then claim your own blog, choose your BlogLovin follow button you wish to use. Mine is on the right side bar that I have added to my blog here that will stay, and then of course above with this posting you can click that one too. 

Sorry if I am repeating what you already know. Some do not hear of things, have busy schedules to catch things, and some sign in at different times missing announcements too. Whatever it is that you happen to have missed this announcement I hope it catches up to you now with this posting.

As always thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams everyone, and happy to have you visiting with Me. Take care, and see you all again soon. 

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