Thursday, April 25, 2013

DIY Framed Letters Numbers Names Words

                                        Wall Full of Letters For Any Wall

Framed Letter O For Any Wall
Framed Letters Making a Decorative Word or Name

DIY Framed Letters Numbers Names Words

Hi, and thanks for dropping into LilacsNDreams! I just love those simple DIY projects that you can do. They can be decorative with colors, shapes, sizes, black and whites, and so on. I again am sharing with you some do it yourself projects with frames, and this time it is with letters. Keep in mind you could use numbers too. 

If you were to search further you would find that there are many ways that people are also using this technique with their home decors. Sometimes a big empty wall is filled with letters of sorts in different frames, maybe some letters are grouped, sometimes you will see a longer rectangular frame with words such as family in it, words are used, names are used, and oh how cute this all is too! 

You see different sizes, different shapes, wooden frames used, plastic frames used, embroidery boards are used, some of the frames will have glass, some do not have glass, and so on. Some of the letters used will have just the backing of what the letter is done on, some will use materials to make a background, scrapbook paper is used, and whatever your creative heart desires can be used. You will see some of these frames are hung with the normal hooks on the back of them. To be more creative you could add some bows, ribbon, twine, and depending on the size and weight of the frame you could use about anything to hang them. 

Above you will see a few pictures this time being shared from various places of some wonderful ideas that were created. Such a simple, creative, and imaginative way to display all of this. Adorable, and how easy to change your decor with this when you feel the need for a change too.

I really adore using different frames with this DIY project, and believe me I am making notes for some changes I would like to make with my own family wall of pictures. It needs another touch, some kind of addition to it, and I think creating pieces similar to these is what it just might need too. 

Thanks so much for dropping by, and sharing your time with LilacsNDreams! Good to see you all, and hope to see you again soon. Take care everyone, and have a wonderful day!

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