Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ebay Alternatives, Other Online Selling Sites and Auctions

Ebay Alternatives, Other Online Selling Sites and Auctions

Hi! Glad to see you visiting with LilacsNDreams! Ok, I admit today I probably should have done a bit more with my growing list, but give me some credit. I did get some listings done at eBay. Special ends Saturday that I am part of, and I have more to list there, relist, revise listings, and etc. 

It's that time of year that eBay is having their spring changes, fee increases, policy changes, and the usual. We are soon going to experience having a 10% final value fee with our listings, and don't forget that crazy charge they do with shipping cost too. We are going to keep the 50 free listings a month, and I think I read after the 50 free listings it would be like a .30 fee to list. Then, there is the changes with the pictures that they are now doing, and will go into effect by July 1st. They would like us to use white backgrounds, and pictures should be 500+ for pixels. They do not want to see watermarks on the pictures, or at least have them across the items being shown. The picture rule came about since mobile users are becoming more, and more with their usage and purchases. Trying to help out with that area which I can understand. 

When I joined eBay in 2004 it was fun, enjoyable, a learning experience, but also a money maker too. As time has gone along the fees increased, the rules change, the policies change, and so on. The sellers dissatisfaction with eBay, and their strategy to drive small sellers from the site sends them out searching for other places to sell. The obvious answers we first get are Amazon, and Craigslist. Don't stop there as there are many others out there, and many other solutions that can be used too. 

Bid Start
They have auctions here of collectibles, very strong in stamps - coins - sportcards - comics - and games. You have to visit their sites fee page for more details for some numbers. This is a successful site for stamps, and coins. They have expanded into collectibles, and seem to be growing.

They have fixed price store format with a wide range of mostly used products including vintage, and collectibles. They have free listings with low fees. 

Here they have auctions with a variety of products. It appears they have $49.49 lifetime fee, 0 listing fees, 0 final value fees, 5 free photos, 5 free eBid stores, uploads to Google Shopping, unlimited listings, and For Life. This is a functional site with growing buyer/seller base.

This is also a fixed price store format with a wide range of products. They have zero selling fees, no listing fees, offer use of Paypal and Google Wallet for payment options. The is a growing site with moderate sales. They allow sellers to link to their own websites here too.  

This is a fixed price place with handcrafted items, art, supplies, and vintage items offered. Their listing fee is .20 which is for a 4 month listing. Final Value Fees are 3.5%. They are also a growing site with a loyal following.  

There are many many more to mention, and if you google eBay Alternatives you will see different suggestions that are made, different opinions shared, will hear the good, the bad, and you know the routine. Ruby Lane which is for vintage, collectibles, antiques, and high end products of this sort. Shopinterest is newer, and comes off of Pinterest which is a growing social bookmarking/pinning site. There is Addoway, and others that could also be mentioned too.  

None of the sites gets near the traffic of eBay, or Amazon. Therefore it could be difficult to make a living on all, or any of them. Best use for these sites is to expand your business beyond eBay by adding additional channels to sell in. Since most have either lower, or no listing fees there is no incremental cost, or risk to add any of these sites. You know that saying "don't keep all your eggs in one basket" True it is. 

These are decisions that each individual seller needs to decide on themselves. Are you happy with one venue, do you feel you need more, and if you need more how much more do you need? I have seen some stretch themselves too thin with too many shops. I have seen others have just enough that works for them, and they can manage too. It is a decision that is up to us, and what our goals are for selling online. Yes, I do still at eBay, and use the 50 free listings every month. I also use the specials that they offer for listings too. Yet, I do not limit myself to eBay either. I have a shop with Ecrater that I need to work with, and have enjoyed using. In fact, with some customers from eBay I have had them go to my eCrater shop if they want a better deal for an item that I can make the numbers work with the fees of using paypal/google wallet, and etc. I also have a small shop with Etsy too. Between eCrater, and Etsy I have done some sales along with eBay too. For me it is enough to move inventory I have, for what I do, and where I feel comfortable. 

I got a little bit winded today I see, but hope this was of some help to those who question their sales with eBay. Hope it helps others who have thoughts of moving on, or having another venue that they are considering using too. I wish you all well with your sales, your decisions, and sending you all the best of luck with this. 

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and hope to see you again soon. Take care, and Happy Sales to All. 

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