Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY Craft Handmade Repurposed Lanterns

                                           Pottery Barn Lanterns

                                             DIY Stencil Glass Lantern

                                              Make Your Own Wood Lantern

                                              DIY Picture Frame Lanterns Chandelier

DIY Craft Handmade Repurposed Lanterns

I often adore lanterns whether they are made of wood, metal, have that beachy look, and some of the simple chandeliers have the same look too. You know some of them timey old time lanterns. I love all the colors that I find, and of course how they are displayed to show giving me more ideas. I truly enjoy looking at them, and consider them till the price tag catches the eye. Go to Pottery Barn to see some of them, and how the simplest of designs can be spendy too. Starting at maybe $19.99 up to $129.00 and more! Like many other times I see something I like, don't want to pay the price, and I know it is time to go to places like the Dollar Tree stores, go out thrifting, junking, and to some how find the pieces I can put together to make this work. 

Upon researching, and spending my time lounging like I generally do . . . when I should be getting projects done . . . I came across some neat tutorials, and ideas of how to make these adorable lanterns myself. One technique I found to be quite interesting, and very easy to do was using picture frames from like the Dollar Tree stores. Yes, picture frames! Takes 4 picture frames sized at least 5 X 7. Now, you can do this project with glass, and without glass too. You can also make these lanterns with stenciled glass, bottoms and tops, you don't have to have either if you don't want to, maybe a bottom with no top, or add some wire to make a wire handle for a hanging chandelier. Neat ideas isn't it?

Please see the pictures above with their links that will better assist you with tutorials, ideas, instructions, and etc. The first picture at the top is from Pottery Barn and are priced $39 to $129. As you can see the DIY lanterns look just as good as those from Pottery Barn, but of course as noted were done cheaper too. 

Hope you enjoyed looking, and got some wonderful ideas from this today. Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams! Was a pleasure, and hope to see you again soon. 

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