Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DIY Handmade Repurposed Recycled Wall Clocks

                                                                 Blue Embroidered Handmade Clock

                                                             Handmade Teacup Clock DIY

                                                          Wood Scraps DIY Clock

                                                      Repurposed Handmade Vintage Inspired Clock

                                                     Recycled Repurposed Vintage Cake Pan Clock

DIY Handmade Repurposed Recycled Wall Clocks

Hi! Welcome to LilacsNDreams! I love vintage, junking, and repurposing. When it comes to researching, and viewing shared DIY projects I can easily get lost with all of being offered. Something I have often stopped to view is DIY Handmade Repurposed Recycled Wall Clocks. There are so many out there being made from so many things. I know that I have to mark this on that "to do" list that has been growing for Me. 

There are many materials you will see used for these handmade clocks, and many ideas that are just awesome too. I have seen clocks done with record albums, dominos, adorable plates, scrapbook paper, buttons, gems, silverware, vintage pans or trays, and the list is endless. By making clocks like this, or buying them from some of these creative sellers it would be easy to find a clock for each room in the home. Adorable clocks have been made for different themes to work with your home decor too. 

Above you will see pictures of some of the many I found being shared with everyone on the internet. With the pictures comes the clickable links so that you may further view them, maybe get some of the instructions that were shared, and see what these wonderful creative people have made. Don't forget to search some of the market places where pieces are offered, and if you check through Google and Bing search engines you will find many offered too. 

Really nice seeing you all again, and I appreciate you sharing your time with LilacsNDreams today too. Hope you enjoyed the ideas shared with making clocks, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon. Till the next time my friends.


  1. Ooooo LA LA your blog is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love love love your colors. Okay let me go look around and visit! Hugs, Beverly

  2. Beverly,

    Thank You so very much for visiting, and mostly for your kind words of encouragement as well. Hope you enjoyed the visit, and look forward to seeing you around. Have a wonderful weekend!!