Monday, May 20, 2013

DIY Handcrafted Pots Planters For Home and Outside

                                            DIY Handcrafted Planters With Circles

                        Terra Cotta Pot Tower - Sorry this had a bad link when tested

                                 Black White Address Pots For Porch came from Pinterest

                                          Flower Pot Made From Water Can
                                            Floor Lamps Into Pedestal Planters

DIY Handcrafted Pots Planters For Home and Outside

Hi! Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Hope ya'll had a gorgeous weekend. The weather has been interesting for many of us this year. Late snow storms, freezing rains, and spring was prolonged for some of us. Now that spring is here many of us are working with the outside appearance of our homes which involves planters of all sorts. Sometimes it is hard to find the planters that we seek, and to find what pictures we have in our minds. Why not handcraft some of them to decorate with?

When it comes to diy handcrafting there are many things that we find can be used for our projects. I have seen terra cotta pots painted, jars that have been painted and decorated, wooden boxes made for planters, tires used, pallets used to make planters, teapots, coffee pots, and so much more! Some of us will use real flowers, succulents, greenery, and so on. There are some of us whose green thumb does not work so well, but will instead use some adorable outside flowers to decorate with too. 

Above you will see pictures, and most having links for what was shared. For the terra cotta pots there is a decor art outside paint that is a patio paint which is specially formulated for terra cotta pots. You could use painters tape to mask stripes, or get some that is decorative to use. Make sure to get some paint pens to use for maybe when you stencil letters, words, shapes, or numbers. Don't forget using the rustoleum spray paint formulated for plastic also. There are some adorable tiered planters I have seen made, and so many wonderful ideas to fit with all of our home decors. These wonderful pots can be made for outside the home on porches, by the steps, and made for inside our homes too.

Generally if I need some ideas I will visit some of my favorite blogs, and of course I will research with Bing and Google search engines too. So much out there being shared, to see, and to get some wonderful ideas from. Hey, if you have some ideas we would love to hear from you as well. Don't be shy, and share what you have done, or know. 

I hope this finds everyone doing well, enjoying the weather, and enjoying our spring time. Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. Have a wonderful Monday, and hope to see ya'll again soon. 

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