Monday, March 3, 2014

Keyword Use and Using Traffic Boosting Descriptions

Keyword Use and Using Traffic Boosting Descriptions

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Today I am gonna talk a little bit about your keyword usage, and how to effectively use some traffic boosting descriptions. Doing some of this will help your customers to find you. 

I see many times people asking on Etsy "How do I get found through an Etsy Search" Honestly there is no complete effective method at Etsy because they change their algorithmns, and their codes regularly. 

I know some don't agree with me when I slightly mention it, but I do not rely on Etsy for my traffic. When I share something, or advise of something I like to offer what can be done "outside the box" In other words being found with search engines, and bringing people to your shops, sites, blogs, and etc. Yes, you should use your keywords in tags, and in materials. At the same time it is also important, and very helpful for you to learn to not rely on Etsy, or the platform that you are using to sell on. 

It helps if you can learn some of the language that your customers would speak with their searches. What you consider using for words of your product names can be different than what customers are using when they are searching. This is where you consider altering some of the keywords in your shops to help more customers to find you. 

For instance a word that is often used at Etsy is the word "convo" I know what it means myself. The word is used frequently around Etsy. When you step outside of Etsy with someone new to the shops there they might not speak the same language, and understand what it is. So, in some of the listings there when a seller tells customers to "convo" them for something, it could confuse them. It would be a little more appropriate if they would tell them to "message" them with any questions, or to maybe click on the contact button to ask their questions, and etc. Something simple like this can really make a difference in the eyes of customers. 

So, to maybe improve your language a little further consider visiting Google's Keyword Tools which has changed to Google Keyword Ads I think it is.  What you want to do is be able to punch in a word, or phrase that you might call your product (it's a good start for this) You should then get a page of some suggested similar words, or phrases. Next to each of the similar terms Google's Keyword Tool displays a number of global monthly searches that have been received for it. Now, the higher you see the number of searches this lets you know the more popular the term is too. 

This not only helps you in assisting the finding of new keywords, but it will also help you with the language we discussed to attract more customers, and buyers to you shops. 

Keep it Simple when using keywords. We have all seen keyword filled titles. I mean titles that are completely filled from different ones telling us to do this in helping us to be found by customers, and to rank with Google and search engines too. However, when customers visit your online shops all of those keywords could confuse the mind of them too. If you are not sure what you are selling how can the customer know for sure what they should be looking for? 

By mixing, and matching keywords throughout your titles you can still get a great number of search results. You just don't want to use every keyword in each of your listings. This will have your shop full of keywords that customers are using to find products. It also helps your titles to be a bit more clear for customers who are looking to shop.  

Customers will not notice that all the keywords are there within your shops, and this is how it should be too. Use your keywords effectively. Spread your keywords throughout your shop while also keeping the message clear for the buyers.   

You can test your keyword effectiveness to get an idea of how you are doing. You can Google search your exact product title. See where you come up in the results when you do this. You will see your title, and then you will also see a portion of your description. So, your first 2-3 sentences for sure should have some keywords in them too. This helps with searches that people will do. 

So, you want to use your keywords wisely. Don't over do it, but use them that it is effective for you to be found with search engine searches. Make sure to visit Lisa with Market Your Creativity to see what details she shares, and to learn from her as well. 

Thanks for sharing time with LilacsNDreams today. Hope you all had a great weekend, and stayed warm in areas that again had snow. Until the next time I wish you all a wonderful day. See you again soon. 

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