Monday, April 9, 2018

Buy and Sell Business, Flipper

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Working for yourself, and having your own business is something that we all wish we can do. Some of us dream about it, some of us try it, and some of us succeed with it. There are many ways to sell online which many of us choose to do for different reasons. 

Many of us do the buying, and selling. Another name to consider yourself is a Flipper. Products are popularly found with Flea Markets, Yard Sales, Auctions, Estate Sales, Thrift Stores, etc. When people first start out doing this they might still have a full time job, they might be part time, and there are some that are not working. We all start some where. Anyone can do this sort of thing. You just need access to the internet, a camera, or a smart phone. 

Many start selling online as part time with like 5 - 15 hours a week, or maybe 10- 20 hours a week. Sometimes it is done to make some extra money. Some consider it a side hustle, and it's your choice if you want to make this into more of a significant job, or income. 

Never a dull moment with this line of work, and it is not a boring job. You set your own hours, and you choose the niche that works for you. Time flexibility is what really works for many people. You shop as you choose, you get to meet different people with your searches, and sometimes make some friends along the way too. 

When you hear of American Pickers, Storage Wars, Flipping Houses, etc this is what they all do with the niche that they have chosen. Majority of the time you buy used, and you resell. Many places that you can sell at is with Ebay, Amazon, Classifieds, Etsy. You can also sell on Craigslist, Facebook, Shopify, Offer Up, Your own site, etc. Selling online you reach a larger audience. 

There are some vendors who wish to not sell online. They have lived the lifestyle of Flea Markets that they do not mess with online selling. They make money with what they do, and you in turn can make money too. It's all what you put into it. 

Some items may need TLC, or a little fix up which could just be cleaning, or maybe some light painting too. Maybe a little glue, a screw, a nail, etc. All depends on the item, and what you wish to do with it. Sell it as is, or repurpose it which has become popular with many things. Let the creative side go to work for you. 

You set a limit that you want to spend when you go shopping with Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, Auctions, Estate Sales, junking, dumpster diving, etc. Smart phones are handy to have because you can research things as you do your shopping too. Over time you will have your favorites that work for you, or that you have become comfortable with.

                                    Viking Bluenique Handkerchief Vase Hexagon Stand

                                            Vintage Blue Glass Dish Basket Home Decor

                                           Avocado Green Relish Tray Dish Glass Stand

                                           Cloche Glass Dome Cover Black White Stand

These pictures are showing some of the things that I had sold over time. I adore vintage blue glass, and a few other colors of glass too. The last 2 pictures were items I put together that I repurposed, reused, restored, and etc. The Avocado Green Dish was 2 glass pieces I partnered to make this piece. The Cloche Glass Dome Stand was some wooden pieces I glued together, painted black, glued on some old music book paper, mod podge is good to use too. There are different uses for each piece, I enjoyed the hunt for them, and I really enjoyed creating some of the pieces too.

I hope you enjoyed your visit with LilacsNDreams. Stop back anytime. You are always welcome to leave a comment, or to contact me for anything too. Hope to see you again soon.

Kim ~ Lilacs 

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