Monday, April 2, 2018

Happy Easter Everyone!! Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Vintage Collectibles, Repurposed, Handmade, DIY, Recycled, Reused, Restored, and etc. LOL! I have a lot of interests, and I hope that they are things that you will be interested with too. 

This has been a very long time for me, and again I apologize for this too. Without telling you a long story of everything there were circumstances with health, and some serious family issues that had kept me away from everyone. I have been very excited to get back to my site here, but also was nervous to do so as well. It has been a while, things have changed over time, my interests have grown a little from what they use to be, etc. Many times I have wanted to jump in here, and instead I would research a little bit more, read a little bit more, take some more notes, take a few more notes, read a little bit more, and you get the picture. I just want to make this right so that you have a good place to visit, maybe some day do some shopping on one of my pages, place to read about some of the same interests that you have, maybe learn a little something now and then, and of course I love to hear from everyone and have them share along with us all here too. 

Over time I was able to make sure to keep the domains I wanted to use for my pages here with my sight. If you ever get a chance with some of your extra time just google LilacsNDreams to see where I have been, and what I use to do. Better yet, just put in, and stop by here to visit, read a little, say Hi, and share some things with us too.

So, for right now you will see me a lot on my first page, my home page here. I will slowly be working with my other pages, changing, revising things a bit, etc etc. Nothing drastic, but more like updating and just making it a little bit better. I have been over thinking this really, and it's time for me to just jump in, and start doing what I know to do. I'll learn along the way, and of course have a little fun with it too. 

The other page that I will be offering with my site here is my LilacsNDreams Shoppe page. That one will be slow working as I would like to see things in order a little bit more before I jump into it. But, eventually that will be my page where I will offer items for purchasing with vintage collectibles, repurposed, handmade, DIY, Reused, Restored, etc etc.  Would be much easier shopping there then heading over to one of the market places that is used for selling, signing into them, etc etc. That is a little ways off right now, no need to dwell on it at this time. It will come together in time.

So, for now my main focus is to visit with you all here. Get on a weekly schedule of postings here for everyone to visit with, and hopefully have you share a few things too. I have some things I am working on with crafting....or actually waiting for some good weather so that I can do some painting....and will be happy to share with everyone too. 

I'm excited for the new fresh LilacsNDreams, and I hope that you will be too. I hope that everyone had a great Happy Easter, and could enjoy the day. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I will see ya'll again real soon! Take care till the next time!

Kim ~ Lilacs  

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