Monday, March 18, 2019

Thrifting Junking Buying Research Preparations for Reselling

Thrifting Junking Buying Researching for Reselling

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Since I am preparing to get back into selling online again I have thoughts that come to me sometimes. I guess I'm curious how others do things prior to posting their sales. Do I do some of what they do, or am I the complete opposite from those who sell descently. So, here is kind of a schedule of how I do things up to that point of selling. 

Once I am done with thrifting, junking, yard sales, auctions, etc, and I am home that is where the preparations for selling take place. I have all my treasures home that I have picked for the day. I know we all have different ways, but what is next or how do you start?

I have gotten everything home, unloaded everything, and now it all sits out looking at me. I decide to sit down with a notebook, and make some notes of things. I note the date, the item bought, where I got it from, and I note the price I paid. All receipts that I got for the day are also gathered, and put together. I will also make notes of any flaws that I have seen or felt, any knicks, crazing, markings, and any stamps of brands that will help with my listing of them. Some of the pieces will be sold "as is" and some of the items I might have decided I will repurpose them.

Nice little break during that time. Now is the next step I like to do. Everything has to be cleaned. Some items might need a light cleaning, and some items might have to soak a little bit to bring them back to life. So, I prepare my washing water with my Dawn soap that I always use. I also use a soft scrub sponge to help with cleaning into the lines/creases of some pieces. I worry about damaging, or breaking things so I make sure to take my time. No hurry here. I gently wash, and clean everything. During this time I can also note if any other flaws were found that were not seen the first time of viewing them. Most of the items will sit, and air dry.  

The cleaning has been completed, items are drying, and again I will sit for more preparation which is the research I will do of things. I like to check on pieces that are being offered, how many are being offered, checking to see if maybe I have something rare, and things like that. Also, I am noting which pieces I will be working with repurposing in some way. I check on what supplies I have for the project in mind, and if I need anything else I will make a list of things that I need to shop for. During this research I can also familiarize myself more with knowledge of the item too. Some of the treasures I find can also be looked at in some of the collectors books too. You can get more of a date of the age of the item, some of the history with it, and what they suggest the item is worth as well. 

I know it doesn't seem like much of what I do, and the steps that I myself use with preparations for reselling. It can be time consuming depending on how you do things. I try to hurry so I can list, but I also like to take sufficient time to better myself with each piece I sell. I enjoy doing what I do with thrifting, junking, the research and learning, and how I can connect with the pieces so that my listings are more completed with my offerings.  

This was a beautiful vintage lidded dish I had found, and Sold.

It's been a long time now, but these I believe were bought in a box at an auction. They have Sold.

This is something that I enjoyed repurposing. 2 different glass pieces. A glass bowl, and I added a very sturdy square glass candle holder to it as a pedestal making this glass bowl stand. Yes, it Sold.

This cupcake jewelry pedestal stand is something that I also made. I used a glass candle holder, a lonely homer laughlin snack plate, and to give it a little more character I add a bow to this too. Yes, it has Sold. I remember the customer requesting if I had any more plates like this that I could make some more of these. Unfortunately I didn't. 

After reading all of this if you have something to add to these preparations please feel free to do so. Love hearing from others, and the sharing that we can do to better help each other as well. 

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams everyone. Hope to see you again soon. Take care till then.

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