Monday, March 25, 2019

Repurposing Reusing Upcycling Restyling What You Already Have

Repurposing Reusing Upcycling Restyling What You Already Have

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Today I was thinking about repurposing, reusing, upcycling, restyling, and wondering about how many items have had this done in our homes, and how many times it's been done too. Many of us will have projects in our home that we did ourselves, or we might have gotten things while we were doing our thrifting, searches, treasure hunting. 

I LOVE to repurpose, and rescue things myself. I have a habit of hanging onto things because I might need it later, something will come to mind to redo it, and etc. It's always more fun to rescue precious treasures, and give them a new life. Sometimes it might be a little paint, some varnish, maybe marrying one piece to another making something unique, and just being creative. 

I have found it to be more cost effective when you use what you already have, maybe thrifting for items to reuse for your home, repurposing for resale, etc. What I like about repurposing pieces that I already have is that they have their own character, patina, details, and so on. Newer pieces will not have some of these characteristics that we enjoy, or cherish. Keep in mind that some of the older pieces were sometimes better made than the new things that are being produced today. 

So, before you plan on buying something new, have a look around. Carefully look for pieces that you could reinvent. Some items might need just a little updating of maybe some new materials, gluing together, fresh paint touch up, new hardware, and so on. Remember to just have fun reimagining your treasures in a new way. 

Few ideas would be maybe that old tv armoire you were thinking of getting rid of. Why not convert it into a microwave cart, maybe some sort of a kitchen pantry for you, and some kind of a kitchenette play thing for your children...for a daycare would be really neat too! Don't get rid of your dining room table. Instead cut the legs down on it to make a coffee table. You could also update the table by putting a new top on it by adding some boards, and then painting or varnishing everything. Dressers is another thing that many of us decide to give away, or discard. Instead you could think of converting this too. Maybe use it to make a bathroom vanity, cut some of the drawers out making it a bench with storage under it. Another simple task would be to reuse a shower curtain. It's water resistant for use in the shower. So, why not cut it down to use for some of your outdoor furniture as covers, using on top of tables and benches, etc. 

Please keep in mind that I am not telling you that you need to go out, and do exactly what I am suggesting here. I was only thinking that instead of throwing things out, and before buying something new...that maybe you could consider some of these suggestions to repurpose, and reuse your treasures. Nearly everything has some sort of a second life by using our creative thinking to form some constructive ideas. Seeing beyond what it is, to what it can be can be so much fun! Also, it can save a few pennies for us too!

Hopefully this helped you along a little bit with some ideas, and getting into the creative mood with repurposing reusing what we already have. At my Etsy shop I have been listing some fun vintage items with some jewelry too. Soon I hope to have some creative pieces done that I can offer for sale. I will keep you posted. Small delay with that as our son who is in the service will be home for a couple of weeks. So, all of our time will be spent with him while he's here. 

Thanks so much for spending some time with LilacsNDreams! Hope to see you again soon. Take care everyone. 

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