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Blog Blogger Blogging For Business Pleasure or Both

Blog Blogger Blogging For Business Pleasure or Both

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Blog Blogger Blogging is an interesting subject I would like to look at, and discuss with everyone. Is this something we do for Business, Pleasure, or maybe both? So, question is Why Blog? Should we blog, does blogging work for our purpose we chose, does it work for business? 

There are many reasons for why we have chosen to Blog. This is a great way to express our experiences with different subjects. Some of the subjects I have chosen over time have been about vintage collectibles, repurposed or upcycled items, junking, restoring, crafting, handmade, business, just to share ideas and thoughts, and so on. Some may use blogs as a diary, a journal, and there are some who do it for money as well. The list could go on for Blogging. 

When you do an engine search say with google you will see web pages, not just websites that could show for what you are looking for. Every time you post a new Blog post it is a new page that gets noted, and could show in searches. Doing these particular pages could help you do well within ranking for searches. There are some websites that do have their Blog with it too. I have chosen to make my Blog my website, and have my domain as Google likes content, and Blogs give a new page all the time with your postings done. Think of it as a Blog post = web page and web page = a search opportunity. 

Blogs can describe things in depth. It also is a tool that lets you get new content out continuously, or as often as you choose to post content. Blogging can be used as a hobby, or for some of us Blogging has become a part of our business venture. Blogging has grown over time. Many have realized that it  is not just for a professional writer, or maybe for the marketers with a product/service they have to sell. It is also suitable for anyone who has some stories, or ideas to share too. 

If you made it with me this far....Thank You! I will be covering a few things, and please note that this post could become a little lengthy too. 

3 Things you will need for the Business Blogging:

Use The Right Platform
There are many platforms to choose from. Everyone will have their own preference to what they will use. Many use Blogger because it has been known to be easier to work with, and of course is good with Google Searches too. Quite a few will also use Wordpress as well. Using Wordpress you get more plug-ins to work with on your pages. I use wordpress myself as a Blog page, and I also have another of my domains directed to it. IF you visit there I want to warn you that it also is way behind, and a working progress for me. Now, if you have not decided on a Blog platform do a little bit of a search, see what others have to say, look at some reviews, and most of all find what will work for you. Something that you will feel comfortable with, and willing to work with. 

Own Your Own Domain
You would like to be able to Blog from your own property. IF you would decide to move to another platform this would allow you to retain all of your inbound links that you have gathered. I have seen it suggested to use your .com for Blogging. I have chosen to use my .com for her as I consider this like a website for me. I use my .net for Wordpress which I treat as my blog. I also use Go Daddy for my domains. I have had no issues with a redirect for my domains, and it has been easy to direct my domains where I want them too. 

Be Committed With Your Blogging
Keep in mind it takes time to get seen, heard, and to have followers. It will take a little time to get comfortable with topics you would like to discus, and share with everyone. You need to find what works for you. Put some of your own character into it so that people can get a feel of who you are. This is how they will get to know you, maybe share your links with others, some will become your friends, and some may even become customers if you have something you are selling. 

I have seen noted that on an average you should try to blog about 2-3 times a week. I know...where do you find the time to do this, and everything else right? We all will go through this, and we will all find our way that fits for us too. I still do Facebook, I'm working on my Pinterest, instagram is another working process for me, my Twitter is still active from my facebook postings I do, and I'll dabble a little with different groups or social medias. I try to spread my time out. I don't Blog as much as suggested. I do mine once a week right now. 

I like Blogging, I enjoy it, and I like researching a little for the next topic I will share with you. Whether it is for business, something I learned, a little about me, or something I enjoy doing I always feel that a little bit of something shared with you is better than not doing anything. Once in a while you might see me drop you a note, or announcement in between postings too. 

It has been suggested that you should start your post with your post title. Have keywords in the title, and know that the search engines give a little bit more weight with the first 3 - 4 words. Use keyword phrases through the body of the post. 

Use links to appropriate pages in your Blog. Link name to the page on a site where you can buy the item from, link to sharing on pinterest, share your links on facebook twitter and instagram too. You can link your keywords too. For instance use the word vintage with a sentence, but note that you also like to repurpose treasures, and adore upcycling too. I have directed these words that are clickable to either my Etsy Shop, or to my LilacsNDreams Shoppe page that I have with my Blog/Website. 

Do not over do it with the linking. I cannot find a set limit to watch for, but I do know that if you overload with all of it Google will also see it as bad. If they happen to see it as bad you will not make it out to searches, or will be really really far out in searches. You should also work on inbound links. Those are links that come from other web pages to your blog post. Preferably it is from other web pages that deal with some of the same things as you do. This will have more weight with your searches too. I like to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn by leaving my domain links in those places that will direct people to here. 

There are many things out there that you can choose if you wish to Blog. Do it for fun, to help you, and maybe for business purposes too. You'll see many suggestions, and offers of how to make money Blogging too. Please, check into everything carefully. Let it be fun, enjoyable, and maybe profitable for you as well. 

All of this has been shared to you by skimming research, and some of it comes from things I have also learned too. So, in conclusion to help with your Blogging rankings and searches you should *perform a keyword analysis to know the keywords that drive traffic to you. *Put keywords in your titles, content, and through out your Blog post. Remember do not overload on keywords either. *Create content that will encourage people to link to you, your Blog, and they want to share your Blog with others.

Whew! I better sign off for now. Sorry for the mini book, but I hope it helps those who are going back and forth about Blogging. 

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Take care, and see you the next time.

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