Monday, April 22, 2019

Vintage Wood Letter Blocks Repurposed Crafted Quilt Word

Vintage Wood Letter Blocks Repurposed Crafted Quilt Word

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! I have had a productive busy kind of week. I was able to list a couple of other items with my shop at Etsy. Hubby was in last minute so I did some quick errands with that. I had a sale come through on Friday for me at Etsy in which I got that prepared, and shipped right away. I also was able to get a little crafting time in too! That was enjoyable, and I'm anxious to do more too!

A while back I had found a really small plastic container with a just few old wooden letter blocks in it. I'm not lucky enough to see this often when I am thrifting so naturally I snactched them up right away. Unfortunately, they had been pushed to the side with other craft projects when our son was home on leave for a couple of weeks. Well, during this past week I brought them out, played around with them a bit, course I started to get an idea and went thrifting through some of my own stash of this, that, and what not items. Got the glue out, and I got things put together with my little creative crafting. That is one thing I like about crafting. I always have a general idea of how I want to do things, but somewhere along the way I alter a little bit here, and a little bit there. Or, while I am sitting and waiting on glue to set, and dry my eyes will look around, and create things along the way that I can use with the project at hand. I enjoyed making this project with the letter wood blocks, and ordered more wood letter blocks because I have another idea for something I would like to create. 

With the left top picture it shows the items I set out to work with. With the top right picture it shows the wood letter blocks that I put together before gluing them. The picture below this shows one of those moments I had while I was waiting on glue to dry with the blocks. A little silver bead sat looking at me with one hole in it. The straight pins I wanted to use somewhere with the blocks was set into that hole. Reminded me of a little mini pin cushion. So, I dropped some glue drops on that right away before it got away from me.

The 2 pictures you are seeing below is the completed project that I did. I put wood blocks together spelling QUILT, and then I added different little embellishments to the top of the attached blocks to dress it within the quilting theme. 

I had fun doing this. Things sort of fell into place for me when I got started. I enjoyed it, and got excited with it that I was sharing pictures right away with a friend of mine showing what I was doing. She asked if I was going to do more, if I was keeping this, or will I put it in my Etsy Shop. I did spend time today searching for more wooden blocks at a reasonable price that I can craft with. I found some that will work for the next project. Unfortunately, I checked in on my order and found that the seller is on vacation. I will have to wait a full week before shipment will be done for my purchase. 

Oh, well, I know what to do when those do get here. Guess I'll just have to find another craft to work with, huh? LOL! I have some things sitting here that can be worked on, and shouldn't take me long either. Also, I have some Anchor Hocking Blue Glass Bubble Plates I need to find. They are some where in this room. I seen them when I was organizing things. Now...I can't remember where I put them. Be nice to find those, and get them listed in my shop too.

This has been a pleasure sharing these thoughts, and ideas of crafting with you. I hope you have enjoyed this, and maybe it has helped you with some of your own ideas too. 

Thanks for stopping by LilacsNDreams! Come back any time!


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