Monday, April 8, 2019

Blog Blogging Website Web Presence Venues For Free

Blog Blogging Website Web Presence Venues For Free 

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Quite a while back I had read about someone making the comment about their brick & mortar store. They had moved from 1 state to another. I'm not seeing the business name in my notes, but she was from California, and had moved to Ohio I believe. Anyway, she had made a comment about wanting to show that using free spaces on the internet...for instance your blog, website, facebook, it could be done, and that you would profit from it too. Her ideas she shared was that you could do this free with no/low cost, and that it could be done with results. 

So, I decided to implement some of the ideas of what she had suggested. I can say as of right now the one cost that I do have, and have kept is having my domains that I have for my Blog, another Blog, and Blog page that I have chosen. It makes the web addresses easier to remember, and of course shortens them for use too. I started with my .com which I have that lands you directly on this page to my Blog. I have which lands you on a page with my Blog that I use mostly for showing things that I offer for sale. I note that you can contact Me for purchases and invoicing through Paypal, I share links for items if you wish to purchase through my Etsy Shop, and I will also share items of others who sell with links back to their items for purchase. Another place I haven't worked with for quite some time is another Blog I had started, and I do have my domain directed to that as well. 

Then, I decided to work more with Social Media too. That's something that is always mentioned to help all of us being seen, found, advertising our business, etc. Now I found if you can follow charts/analysis with these different places you are able to see what you benefit with, what is helping you, where your traffic is coming from, etc. I have played around with Google a little bit. I have a Google website that has been ignored for a long time. Recently I have doodled a little bit with which gives you a minor free website. You can share a little bit about your business there, it helps with locating you in google maps and searches, and you can also share some posts there as well. Here is where I shared 2 items I have listed for sale, I can be contacted through email, or to visit my Etsy Shop to see more pictures and more descriptions of items, and to purchase there as well. Just the other day I looked closer at charts that Etsy shares for the sellers to view their traffic, where it comes from, their views, and etc. It was quite interesting, and helpful too. 

From some of the charts I seen with a few places where my traffic comes from. It's nice to see that my Blog helps with some of my traffic. I can also see that traffic comes from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.  Once in a while I will see some things coming from LinkedIn as well. What's great is that all of these places mentioned are free for everyone to use. No, I do not sit with all of them all the time. I don't do it morning, day, and night. Facebook I will visit, make a comment with others, and I share things there I have been working on with some links. Pinterest has been known for being good in helping with your traffic too. Not just pinning items of yours, but also of others who have the same interests as they come around and pin on your boards too. Twitter I have set up where my postings on Facebook, and my Blog will go there. When you can do something like this it's a big help in completing tasks that you have for the day. 

With some of these free sites we use to help us we can also get notices sent to our phones, emailed to us, etc. I didn't like the idea, sometimes it still bothers me, but I have found it to be helpful when you do sales online. It's business,right?

I am no professional, and I enjoy sharing with you things I have learned along the way, things I have read by others, what maybe works for me can possibly work for you, etc. I hope this was understandable, and you were able to follow some of the ideas I have shared here today. If you have any questions contact Me. If you have anything to share Please feel free to do so with the comments/talk that you can do below my posts. 

Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams! I enjoy the visits, the contacts made, and comments that are made too. Take care till the next time everyone. 

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