Monday, July 8, 2019

Repurpose Upcycle DIY Cake Cupcake Plate Stands Wood Blocks

Repurpose Upcycle DIY Cake Cupcake Plate Stands Wood Blocks Crafting

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Besides doing household things for family reunion this coming weekend, I was able to do a little crafting, or start with some at least. When I can sit down, and work on some of these things it’s relaxing. I think of nothing else, and focus on nothing else but the projects I am working with. I was hoping by now to have some items made, and to offer for Christmas in July. That was my goal. I was slightly delayed for a couple of weeks with illness, and then dealing with our A/C over the weekend of scheduled crafting. I’m determined to get some pieces done, and still be able to offer them soon. 

The 2 above pictures are showing a few pieces I am working with. I love working with wood blocks making words, and then decorating them to fit the word used. As you can see I am putting together Sewing. Next picture you see some of the different plate with Christmas themes, and some candle holders behind them. I use to do these a few years ago, and had fun with them. I am putting together some cake cupcake plate stands. I love collecting different pieces for these stands. I get plates along the way that might be new, are like new, in very good condition. I then will also find things to use for stands like candle holders, colored candle holders, maybe some kind of glass bowl or vase, and I have used some adorable cups or mugs too. As I collect pieces nothing is ever definite how they will connect with each other till I sit down to create. That’s the fun part too. Picturing, visualizing, creating, and putting it together.

With the 2 above pictures you can see work that has been done so far. Sewing is started, but not completed yet. I have some things to add to fit with this worded theme. I have 3 plate stands done. I have 2 other ones that I will start on tomorrow. These 3 completed ones are sitting covered with heavier items sitting on top of them as the glue dries, and sets. I don’t like rushing things because they do take time. I like to give glues, painting, sealants, and etc all time to set and seal. I can then check on things to make sure they are secure, or if more needs to be done with them.

It’s fun doing some of these things again, and getting into more crafting of things too. Now that I am started I want to keep doing more. I intend to do more as time moves along. My Etsy Shoppe will continue offering Vintage Collectibles. Along with those items I will also be adding in some of my Repurposed, upcycled, handmade, restyled, DIY crafty pieces. They are my passions, and I enjoy doing them, spending time with them, the searches, the creating, etc. I think you got the picture, and feel of what some of my interests are that I have been sharing. 

I want to thank you for visiting with LilacsNDreams! I’ve enjoyed your visit, and hope to see you again soon. Take care till then. 

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