Monday, July 29, 2019

Repurpose Upcycle Reclaim Restyle Handmade Preparations

Repurpose Upcycle Reclaim Restyle Handmade Crafting Preparations For Creations

Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! Hope everyone is doing well with the weather for the areas you live in. We have had some hot, and humid days. Sadly, others are still dealing with all the horrid flooding that they had. I worry about winter for those effected by this. 

I have really been off with my crafting that I had planned to be working on. I have a couple of things I need to finish, and many more I need to work with. Sadly, in some ways the weather has effected me with some of this processing. Having issues with our AC unit was a big issue. Our wonderful Family Reunion which I, and others enjoyed very much occupied some of my time since I was one of the hosts for this event. 

With some of the humidity we have had it has made it hard for me to do even some light painting. I did some touch up spray painting on a couple of iron candle holders. I bought them as is with a flat paint on them, and I wanted to add a little gloss to them to better blend with plates that will be added to them. I figured this little bit should be ok to do. I miscalculated as it has taken them quite a while to fully dry properly, and not have some of that sticky feel to it. Disappointing, but I feel more comfortable that they settle right before I craft with them, and something happens to them.

It might be hot and humid out, but I still find different pieces to bring home to work with when I can. Growing inventory a little bit before winter is one way of looking at it. Many times I will find pieces that work together right away when I’m thrifting, I find pieces that I see possibilities with, sometimes I find a piece that I know will work with another one I am considering that is already at home, and sometimes I get pieces that I want to unite that do not look well together as anticipated. Not to worry because at some point pieces do become united,  and sometimes it’s much better than when I first visualized it. 

I enjoy making cake cupcake plates which have many uses besides food too. I am also anxious to be making some things for Christmas too. I so wanted to do things for Christmas in July, but due to circumstances I was not able to.  I feel Christmas is not just for one day a year. It’s more like a season of festivities that is special, is enjoyed, and is celebrated by many people. Because of this many people will shop all year long for Christmas items that are for gift giving, and for decor to adorn there homes with. 

Below is a picture of a few more pieces I had gotten the other day, and a couple pieces that I already had at home. Before I work with anything I gently hand wash, and air dry everything. If there are any flaws with the pieces I am able to better see them after cleaning them, and can note it as well. 

I am passionate about , and believe in second chances for treasures that are found. Vintage, Reclaimed, Handcrafted, Loved, and Found again. Better to repurpose things, than to throw them, and leave them to be forgotten. 

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams!  Welcome anytime, and hope to see you again soon. 

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