Friday, October 25, 2019

14 kt Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Wedding Anniversary Vintage Rings Scam

14kt Diamond Engagement Wedding Anniversary Right Hand Vintage Yellow Gold Rings

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Couple of weeks ago I had a serious issue happen to me. I was scammed, and what a horrid feeling to have that happen too! The first ring pictured above is the ring that I was scammed for. 

I have all 3 of these rings listed for sale, and they are cross posted too. The scam that happened with me was through Facebook market place. I have been selling online since 2005, and this is the very first time I had this issue. I’ve always been careful, used Paypal, and never any issues to be concerned with. Let me tell you this is a lesson learned! 

I had gotten a message through messenger asking if the ring was still available, and if I could send them pictures of the ring. Yes, ring still for sale, and I sent them more pictures. I was given a mailing address, and arrangements were made for over night delivery. During this time signing into my paypal account I was being notified of Paypal doing maintenance, and transactions would be credited as soon as this was completed. I had also received emails showing the same thing that I had seen at Paypal. So, I mailed the ring over night, and I added signature delivery with it too.

Customer notifies me he is getting notice about how money would transfer, but due to limit being reached more money would need to be sent. If he paid the extra he wanted to make sure he got that back from me. Then boom! Money was to be returned with a card of his choice he notified. I argued with him, that was not the agreement, I needed to call Paypal, etc etc. He said I did not need to call Paypal, and that this could be resolved between us. His FiancĂ© got the ring, liked it, etc etc. 

While I was messaging back, and forth with him I did go ahead, and call Paypal. Things were looking ok, and as we went through the emails the glitch was found by PayPal. I was asked to send all the emails into Paypal for them to look over. In the meantime I told the guy I wanted my ring back, evidentially he had not paid me, and I didn’t appreciate what had happened. I was out a ring of value that he had not paid for. He didn’t like being called a liar, he has never stolen, he is honest, etc etc. 

Now, during this time is when I had also gotten really sick, and I had lost a lot of my voice. That night I got everything sent into paypal. No, the emails were not from them. Everything was fraudulent, and please erase it all right away in case there was something in there to damage me. At the same time I messaged the gentleman, and was not happy with him. No money, he scammed me, and I wanted my ring back. He was not happy with accusations, but was gonna have fiancĂ© send ring back to me as soon as possible. 

That same night I started sending pictures of the appraisals, and of the ring to pawn shops that were connected with facebook, and had messenger for Miami, Fl. Within the next couple days I got some nice responses back from some. The next day...after getting what sleep I could I googled the police department for Miami, Fl. I dug around with that, and was able to send messages through a couple of ways from their website. I was still coughing a lot, and still not able to talk. 

About 2 days later I had gotten a call from an officer who left me a message. I returned the call, was given another number, and from that point on I was put on hold, was being picked up clicking, and putting back on hold. I finally hung up, called back, and could not get an answer.

I was about to give up, running out of steam to work with, etc. Next morning I got up, feeling a little better, and I did some errands that needed to be done. Was trying to list a little bit with my Shoppe at Etsy, etc. Before the day ended I got to the post office with my receipts, tracking number, etc. I explained to the postal worker how I had been scammed. She remembered my shipment, and offered to help me where she could. She looked up who signed for the package...I had another name added to my list of names I was gathering. She looked at the address for me, and noted it was an industrial area. I was more nervous. I was reminded numerous times I probably would never see the ring again, and never get any money for it. 

Next day I was gonna try 1 more time. Time is different for me compared to Miami, Fl. I got up early, and called the sheriff department. Was put on hold...and sat that way for 12 minutes with the clicks again. Hung up, called back, said I’d been on hold for the time I was. I was asked what the situation was, and when I gave the shipping address I was told another number to call for another police department. So, I called that number, and actually got an officer I could understand, and told him my story.

The address was a shipping yard, things going over seas, shipments done once a week, every other week, once a month, etc. I maybe had some kind of chance with holiday...Columbus Day...and shipments were delayed. I was told how this was a growing issue, and there was nothing that they could do really. Then, officer told me he felt I was an honest person, and instructed me to email to the email address he gave me. I had a legitimate story, he wanted me to repeat/tell my story, told him I had pictures, I was to put that in there, tell them that the police department gave me this email, and describe the contents of the package. I did all of that right away.

I walked away, did a few things, sat down to check emails....I got an email asking for payment for shipping. This had to be legit, came from police, so I paid it. Then, I went back in and emailed asking why I paid that. Did they find my package? At same time I went through my emails, I found 1 that had been overlooked, and it was an email from the company explaining that my tracking number/package was found, the payment was for shipping with FedEx, and my mailing address was to be confirmed. 

I was given the tracking number with FedEx, I watched the shipment, and I got the box back a day early too! Everything in box! My ring, and the 2 appraisals with it, etc. This was a very very hard lesson learned, and I am thanking my lucky stars it worked out like it did. I was stubborn, didn’t give up, and kept pushing. 

Ring along with 2 other rings is listed with my Shoppe at Etsy, I have them all listed at EBay with LilacsNDreams, and yes I have listed all again with Facebook marketplace. Paypal is being used if need be with marketplace. Payment will be received in full for any purchase and shipments, and I will be verifying addresses before it ships out too. Very hard lesson to learn, first issue like this for me since I started selling back in 2005, and it is one that will stick with me for a very very very long time. 

It’s great selling, I love doing it, I enjoy offering treasures for others to find for whatever reason, and because of this happening I learned I need to be a lot more’s hard because I have a big heart, and always want to believe in people. But, that has changed. 

So, thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams! I apologize for such a long lengthy story. It was something I wanted to share, and something for others to learn from too. Take care, and hope to see y’all again. Toodles . . . .

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