Monday, October 14, 2019

Cake Cupcake Plate Pedestal Stand Christmas Fall Upcycled Dishware

Cake Cupcake Plate Pedestal Stand Christmas Fall Holiday Handmade Upcycled Dishware

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! The pictures you see above are for a few more Cake Cupcake Plate Stands that I have made, and are listed with my Shoppe at Etsy. I really enjoy making these! I collect pieces over time, or sometimes I find them to unite right away. Once in a while I will find pieces new which I will note in my listings. Most of the time pieces are considered used, but a lot of them will look like new. Either they weren’t used at all, or have very minimal usage to make it hard to see any signs of use. I take pleasure, and joy in being able to offer items like this in the conditions that I can offer them to you.

I’ve had fun making those that can be used for Christmas time. You will also see I have a full sized cake plate stand being offered with some adorable fall colors! The plate, but also the glass stand really resemble fall, Halloween, thanksgiving time, etc. So shiny, so clean, and looks so much like new! 

I fight temptation of keeping these treasures for myself. Yes, I admit others are offering these cake cupcake plate stands too. I enjoy seeing what others have to offer, and with some I am very much inspired by them. I like to think that with some of mine you can see how just a little more thought, and feeling goes into making some of them. 

I do have another plate stand I will be sharing the next time I stop by here. That particular stand was made with 2 vintage Fenton pieces I united to make this piece unique for someone to have. 

Thanks so much for stopping by LilacsNDreams! Hope you enjoyed the visit, and please feel free to stop by anytime. Love the company, and the visits. Don’t be shy, and know you can drop a line to say Hi at anytime. Till the next time my friends...Toodles!

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