Monday, March 30, 2020

Home Improvements With Stay Home Virus Precautions

Home Improvements With Stay Home Virus Precautions with LilacsNDreams today.

This coronavirus COVID-19 disease has really effected our country with our every day tasks. Involving work, traveling, schools, businesses, banks, etc. Many of us are asked to stay home which unfortunately that can be very boring, and a little bit of a hair puller for some of us too.

Was it about mid February when things really started to take off with this disease? Prior to this time our son has come home from the service. He has done 8 years with the army, and says it’s time to be a civilian again. He gets home, and about a week later this outbreak with the virus really started. Watching places, and businesses slowly over time having to temporarily close. Some towns are almost like a ghost town with many staying home.

With our son being home he has been helping us start some changes, and completing/finishing some projects in our home too. We have been working on transferring our 1 room into a bedroom for him. Painting, carpet, and clearing out a lot of my projects that are working and completed. Clearing out my office area also. Trying to figure out new locations for everything is a little harder in a smaller home. So, we had 1 idea for the flooring in the bedroom, got 1/2 of room painted, and 1/2 of it carpeted. Now we need to go back to hardware store to get more carpet for us to finish the other 1/2 of this room. 

We have also completed the living room area with coats of paint, floor padding, and carpet. Had to use a little seaming tape, and the hot iron to combine the 2 separate pieces to cover the floor. Putting the furniture back into the living room makes a big change, and has confirmed I want some new furniture....couch especially. 

It definitely feels more like home, the room seems wider now, and I’m impressed with our handy work done so far. The walls use to be a dark tan color, and the wood floors were dark from all the before things that had been done, and from the carpet that had been removed. The bedroom use to be a darker blue. Much better with the white walls now. 

White walls can be boring if you let them. It’s a start for us knowing we can add to this as we go along. I have to go pick out some baseboards to add to the living room, and the bedroom which will make a change. I need to get new blinds for the windows in these rooms, and adding some wall hangings now would really help the look too.

Now to finish carpet, and paint in bedroom. Next is to pick out some tile for the dining room flooring that will unite nicely with the living room carpet. It’s a working progress, but we have a great start to this right now.

Thank you for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Hope you enjoyed your visit today, and I look forward to seeing you again. 

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