Monday, April 20, 2020

Corona Virus at Home and Everywhere

LilacsNDreams Corona Virus at Home and Everywhere is happy to have you visiting today. 

How is everyone doing with the virus outbreak that we are having to deal with together? At first everything was fine with being at home. Son is home from service, started and trying to finish some things with this house, hubby still up and down the road in the truck, etc. The weather has been improving, and makes you want to be outside. Sitting on the porch at night with the dog running around has been relaxing. Everything feels fine, and spring is definitely moving in!

Sadly you realize that your routines are still not like they use to be. I miss spending, or wasting time visiting some of the Good Will Stores, some of the Thrift Stores, and I should be crafting too. But....instead it’s been things with the house, doing errands for supplies or house, and looking at piles that need to be organized and put into place some where. 

I believe we have decided on the tile for the dining room, and kitchen. The tile is chosen for the bathroom, and we are pretty much decided with our bedroom carpet. We’re about 1/2 way done with things....our son is doing a lot of the work so far. Now to go buy the linoleum, sub flooring, any other tools needed, etc. Once we start that part of the home fixing hubby will come home for a few days to work with our son to complete that part. 

How does everyone feel about this virus that we are dealing with? I have watched, read, and viewed many different opinions with this thing. Some are petrified, majority of people have taken the precautions that they need to, some are ready for this to be over....many businesses, and many are ready for things to open back up. Interesting thing our son read to me the other night. In like 2014/2015 the US applied for a patent for the corona virus. Then, in 2019 I think it was Europe applied for the patent to corona virus cure. Really? So, they knew about the virus, and do have a cure for this disease. They act like this is such a new thing, but things have been coming up showing that they have known about this virus for a long time. So, what is our government doing? Is this their way of “cleaning house” of certain things we don’t know about? Wow! Kind of scarey when you think about it, right? 

Sorry, not trying to be political. Everyone has their own thoughts, and feelings for this issue. I’m happy we still have our freedoms to be able to do that too. Just sharing a few thoughts. Not trying to start anything here.

Thanks so much for visiting LilacsNDreams! Be safe, and see you again soon.

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