Monday, June 29, 2020

Vintage Collectibles Repurpose Restyle Upcycle Handmade DIY

LilacsNDreams Welcomes you to stop in, and visit for a little while. Hope everyone is doing well.

I normally have been sharing my passions of vintage collectibles, repurposing, restyling, upcycling, handmade, and DIY. Lately I’ve been caught up in our fixer-upper house we’ve been slowly working on that I have been sharing with you a little bit too. Sorry if it has been confusing for you. This COVID 19 in it’s own way has put a curve into a few things, and a few of the plans that were made for us, and many others. 

I might sound like a crazy person, it might get confusing a little bit, but please bare with me. I’m trying to fix fully what had recently happened. Sorry, but I need to make sure this is still reaching everyone, and is visible after an issue I had a few days ago with my site here. I’m gonna step back in time a little bit to help explain this issue to you.  

A few years ago I started my first blog.  As time went along I got my domain, my .com, and I directed that to the blog wanting to make it more of a website.  Trying to spruce things up a bit, make it a little bit better, and just a little more personable and professional too. At 1 point I had an issue happen that I was locked out of my 1st website/blog that I had started. Scared, nervous, of course not able to contact anyone with Google to speak with about it, was nervous for those who were visiting, and for those who were becoming regulars in visiting too. So, that same day I started another blog/website right away, and I redirected my domain/.com to where you are visiting today. Sent notices out, and put notices everywhere I could for this change to redirect everyone. 

Some time after all of that happened I was able to get into my old blog I started with. Some kind of minor glitch that happened was finally resolved. To by-pass any confusion for everyone I went into the old blog, and set it up for everyone to be directed here if they happen to click on it. Things have been pretty good since then. A few years later I still have my same domain that directs here, been trying to stay active here since some health issues a few years ago that put me out of commission for a long time. some point it kind of made an issue with Google having these places connecting. I realized that my Gmail account was part of the issue with the old 1 still around, me trying to keep the same blog name from when I first started things on the Internet, the combination of things, etc. So, I went into the old site, was going to revert this site over to that original one, get rid of the 1 email address, and trying to make Google happy without the confusion. I tested a few things, nothing drastic, and a couple days later I wanted to work with it a little more. That is when things had settled a little bit with the Internet, but became very scarey for me. The domain redirected, the blog address was saved where it was needed, and upon signing in I found things blank. All my posts were gone, I couldn’t get signed in properly, and my hands were tied. I was having issues taking care of things.

So, I walked away for a bit, cleared my head, came back to it, and worked on trying to reverse what I had done. Signed into my domain host to make sure my domain was directed correctly, got signed into the old place, and was pretty much able to reverse what I had done back to here.

So far things seem to be ok. I’ll work on things, walk away to let it settle a little more, and then come back to check that things are still working. Now I have to see how things are going with Google, my placement, if I’m being found, etc. IF things don’t go completely right I’ll have to consider another spot for all of this. I hope not because things are simple here, I’m able to get around better than another place I have reserved. Most importantly is that You are able to find me. 

I have been LilacsNDreams since about 2005 when I first started selling online, and I intend to continue with the name as long as I am physically able to. I hope everyone landed here okay today, and there were no issues. Thank you so much for your patience, and time with me as I try to progress. Take care, and see you again soon. 

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