Monday, July 6, 2020

LilacsNDreams 4th of July Celebrations Parade and Fireworks

4th of July with LilacsNDreams! Welcome everyone, and glad you could stop by!

So, how was everyone’s 4th of July weekend? Hope everyone was able to enjoy whether in celebrations, sharing time with family and friends, and just had a relaxing enjoying holiday weekend.

Where we live I was really impressed with things they did here for a small town. Didn’t know everyone, but it sure felt like a family community!

Friday there were a few fireworks done around time. You could smell it when you stepped out the door. Then Saturday morning they did a parade around town for the vets, and those being home. Everyone with their cars and trucks, old cars and trucks, motorcycles, golf carts, side by sides, razors, jeeps, tractor pulling wagon with tables people and kids on it, semi-truck, city ambulances, and a police escort. The other police vehicle was parked at our starting point saluting us all as we went by wearing his formal military dress uniform with his hat and all of his bars, and was well decorated. Pretty much drove up, and down each street with many people outside watching, waving, and video taping everything too. I drove our razor with our granddaughter, and flags hanging all along the back while she carried a couple of them too. Everyone was all dressed with flags, banners, etc. Was a proud time with this event.

Saturday night we had fireworks like I’ve never seen before. We parked at a designated spot, and time for the city to do their event. It was kind of like there were 4 locations around town that could be seen by everyone sitting around town. Along with the city doing theirs you had residents doing them before, in between, and a little bit afterwards too. Those residents used some spendy fireworks as they were so similar to what the city had. Hard to explain it, but it was beautiful!! I was so proud of our community coming together to do this!! Afterwards you seen smoke clouds everywhere! Couple of small spots you got through with no smoke clouds, but smoke clouds everywhere rolling which gives an idea of how much had been done during that special time. Amazing, and loved it!!

I hope everyone could enjoy their holiday in some way, hope everyone was able to have a little fun, and that y’all were safe too. Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams! Take care till the next time!

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