Monday, February 1, 2021

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Blog Blogger Blogging Social Media Networking with LilacsNDreams. Hello, and Welcome to all who are visiting!

I don’t quite have my valentine piece done to share the completed vision with you. I picked up a few more things to try with it. Sorry about that. So, I grabbed another topic to discuss with everyone. I know I’ve covered some of the Blogging, and Social Media Networking before, but I wanted to share a little more with it today. 
Blogging, and Social Media Networking had grown fast over time. Today it is still very much used with online sales, marketing, brick and mortar stores use different forms, and so on. So, a question is Why Blog? There are different reasons I will point out to you. 

1) Social Media Networking is one reason for it. Blogging is another form of Social Media like Pinterest
FacebookInstagram, and so on.

2) Another reason to Blog is it gets you published. How you ask? By working with things in regards to like your SEO, your keywords used, topics used which helps you get noticed in search engine rankings.

3) Another reason to Blog is for you to get your message out there that you want shared with others. There is no right, or wrong words and pictures to put out there. It’s up to you what you wish to share, what you want others to see, and what the message is that you would like others to relate with. 

4). Blogging is another way to share some tips, ideas, tutorials, questions, answers, and just sharing. 

5)  This has become a great way for teachers, and students to share work, class notes, pictures, etc. Kind of like a newsletter for some companies, and places too. 

Blogging is not just for one form of profession, but for many forms and ways of things that people do. Online Sellers, Brick and Mortar Store owners, Big Companies, Small Companies, Journalists, Photographers, Publishers, Writers, etc. Many people have turned to forms of Blogging as the Social Media Networking area grew.

Choosing the right platform is a task that you yourself will have to look at, and determine the fit for you. Couple of popular ones are with, and Some platforms will be for free, and some will offer paid versions too. Some people have websites that they include a blog with it, and I’ve seen some use their domain, or one of their domains, for a blog too. Choose the platform that works for you, that you are comfortable using, and depending on what you want to do for your blog too. 

As you can see I use Blogger, and I have used them for years. I have wordpress too. But, I don’t spend much time with it. I am use to blogger, I’ve accustomed to the ease of use of things around here, its been easier for me to learn to do things without changes done all the time. I have noticed I can be seen in search with wordpress, and if I work things like I should my blog shows in search engines too.

I wish everyone well, have fun in all you do, enjoy, and please be safe. Thank You for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Take care, and see you soon. Toodles . . . . . .


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